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New for your eReader...

About the Book

Candace Clark has a phobia about crossing the street, and for good reason. As fate would have it, her daughter's principal assigns her to crossing guard duties as part of the school's Parent Participation program. With no choice in the matter, Candace begrudgingly accepts her stop sign and safety vest, then reports to her designated crosswalk. Once Candace is determined to overcome her fears, God opens the door for a blessing, and Royce Kavanaugh enters into her life, a firefighter built to rescue any damsel in distress. When a spark of attraction ignites, Candace and Royce soon discover there's more than one way to stop traffic.

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About the Book

Life was good, God was blessing and the Marshall family was riding high, until Carmella Marshall’s husband, Nelson asks for a divorce and then moves in with his girlfriend—who also happens to be her twenty-three-year-old daughter’s best friend—her son gets arrested, her daughter drops out of college, the bills go unpaid, and then Carmella has a nervous breakdown.

The Marshalls have ups and downs like any other family. However, Carmella always thought that God would see them through anything. But when Nelson left and her life fell apart, she realized just how weak she could become, without the strength of God guiding her way. Through prayer, praise, and a love that bonds families together, Carmella renews her trust in the Lord and discovers a way to turn her life around.

In TEARS FALL AT NIGHT, the Marshalls discover that even when everything goes wrong, they can still lift their hands and praise God anyhow.

Readers will be emotionally invested in the characters from the start. The character’s pain and inner struggles lead to heart-wrenching scenes. Themes of faith, forgiveness and reconciliation make this a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness that will remain with the reader long after the final page.
-- RT Reviewer 4 1/2 Stars

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About the Book

This is a compilation of three novellas that are also available individually. 

Novella #1 - A Time to Speak Beatrice "Mama B" Jackson is one of the most giving people in her small community. And when the interim pastor's messages threaten to divide her beloved church, she has gets a divine order to speak. 

Novella #2 - A Time to Dance Though Mama B is not known for housing marital fugitives, she realizes her nephew, Derrick, is looking for more than a place to stay; he needs help finding his way back to God. Of course, help is almost Mama B’s middle name until Henrietta crosses the line with her accusations about Mama B's intentions with their recently widowed pastor. Mama B will have to dance her way through forgiveness...and maybe love. 

Novella #3 - A Time to Love Mama B was supposed to be helping people at the community food pantry, but Eunice needs more than just a bag full of canned goods. Dr. Wilson’s not letting up on his pursuit of Mama B. Will he come on and scare her away? Catch up with Mama B again in the small town of Peasner, TX. She's still serving the Lord with humor and wisdom as only she can.

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Coming Soon....

Available December 31, 2013

Questions for  Michelle Lindo-Rice

Tell us a little about yourself – Where you grew up, your spiritual background, family.

I am originally from the island of Jamaica, and I migrated to America at eleven years of age. I lived in New York City most of my life before relocating to Florida about 10 years ago. My family is close-knit and most of my siblings live in the same town. My father is a minister, so I am highly involved in ministry from a child.

Are you single, married or engaged? Children?
 I am a single mother of two teenaged boys.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I have always enjoyed writing, and began writing songs from a teen. I love words, and telling stories. I was inspired to become a writer because I love to read. I also know that this is a ministry that God has given me to draw others to HIm and His word.

What hurdles did you have to overcome through this process?

I have overcome 12 years of rejections to get here, but God sent me on a trip to a Faith & Fiction retreat in Florida where I learned, pitched my work and was offered a book deal.
 I also had low self-confidence, though I was capable. Because I realized that I needed to write, and that writing was my passion, I have begun learning to self-promote, to believe in myself and to am learning how to market myself.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Michelle Lindo-Rice: I have so many, and the lists are growing LOL. I have read every single Victoria Christopher Murray book because her books were the first I read that showed characters I could relate to. She has amazing writing skills. I also love work by Shana Johnson Burton, and Rhonda McKnight because their characters never fail to make me laugh and root for them.

Tell us a little about your upcoming novel. Who is the protagonist and what is the premise?

WALK A STRAIGHT LINE looks at the lives of two best friends and how the dynamic of their friendship changes in the course of a year. Colleen, a newlywed, is the protagonist who has rededicated her life to the Lord and learns how much God is needed to sustain her marriage. She has to fight some serious battles, including an interfering mother-in-law. It also has a juicy storyline, of her best friend, Gina who is dating one brother while falling for another, which makes for a delicious, entertaining read.

You can read a sample chapter at

What do you believe is the take away message?
I believe the take-away message is that friendships are to be valued and treasured and a good friend will stand in your corner. I want readers to see God as the main ingredient for a successful marriage. Colleen and Terence are flawed, human, but they have a perfect God who will help them overcome even the most trying circumstances.

What advice would you give to those who have a desire to write a book?

My advice is one I am taking now, which is to continuously work on improving your craft. If you want to write, it requires learning from the best. I also urge someone who wants to write a book to believe in yourself and work consistently everyday on writing, and developing your writing. I also strongly recommend working with an editor - one who has been working with authors in the genre you desire to write.

What is your greatest challenge as a writer?

Michelle Lindo-Rice: So far, my greatest challenge as a writer is time management. Making the time to write and juggling that with other commitments - having a full-time job and being a mother. So balancing priorities

What was the best advice you ever received?

My best advice was to attend writer’s retreats and workshops. My second best was to hire an editor.

 What is the greatest lesson you’re learning from  your experience as a new author?

The greatest lesson I am learning is the importance of promoting your work and having a sharp, quick answer to “What is your book about?” That is a work in progress. Someone once said that if no one knows you, they won’t purchase your book. I am learning marketing skills. From my actual book, I have learned that my words do impact others. I have had people cry and share their stories with me because of my book.

Are you working on any other books? If so, can you share any details?

I am working on third novel, MY STEPS ARE ORDERED which is the second installment of what I call the On the Right Path series . It is in the revision process and is scheduled to publish next August 2014. It continues with the lives of Keith, Gina and Michael over several years chronicling Keith’s and Gina’s path to salvation.

 Tell our audience how to purchase your book and share any upcoming information.

Michelle Lindo-Rice: WALK A STRAIGHT LINE  is available online through Amazon as a paperback, Kindle. It is also on Nook, and ebooks. Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million as well as many local bookstores have it in stock.

About the Author

Originally from Jamaica West Indies, Michelle Lindo-Rice calls herself a lifelong learner. She has earned degrees from New York University, SUNY at Stony Brook, and Teachers College, Columbia University. When she moved to Florida, she enrolled in Argosy University where she completed her Education Specialist degree in Education Leadership. A pastor’s kid, Michelle upholds the faith, preaching, teaching and ministering through praise and worship. From a young teen, Michelle discovered a passion for reading and writing and feels blessed to  use her talents to bring God glory. Michelle currently works as a Reading Specialist for exceptional student learners, and is the proud mother of two teenaged sons. 

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An Unexpected Blessing Virtual Book Tour

About the Book

Personal banker, Feranmi Adewunmi has done well for herself in diaspora by any standards. But by her parent’s calculations, she should be married by now. And they had the right man for her. For Feranmi, being single wasn’t a crime and so she came up with the perfect plan to beat them at their own game. All she needed was a man.

CEO of Montgomery Construction, Alex Montgomery was back in Atlanta. His primary focus was rebuilding his business after an unfortunate incident in Chicago changed his life forever. A chance meeting with Feranmi turned that plan upside down. The pain she caused him in school was still fresh in his mind but so were the feelings that never died. Now she needed a favor.

For Feranmi time was running out. Her parents would be visiting soon and she still hadn’t found the perfect Nigerian man. Alex was her only option, after all how hard could it be? What they weren’t prepared for was an attraction they couldn’t ignore. Will they lean on the Lord for guidance or insist on being in control? Will his guarded dark past confirm her fears? Or will love prevail the second time around?
An Unexpected Blessing is a novel of love, forgiveness, and being open to God’s plan in your life. The best blessings are often unexpected.

About the Author

Unoma Nwankwor is the co-owner of KevStel Group, a Christian entertainment company, specializing in movie productions, book publications and hosting events. When she is not writing or running the operations of her company, she spends her time with her husband and two kids. Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma spent her childhood and early adulthood years in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She now resides in Atlanta which she has called home for fifteen years.

An Unexpected Blessing Contests

Unoma will have two contests during her virtual book tour, September 16-27, 2013.
(1) $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Unoma Nwankor will giveaway a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Join her mailing list at to qualify for a chance to win OR click the direct link -

(2) Win a Copy of An Unexpected Blessing

Sign-up for the Goodreads Giveaway from September 16-27, 2013. The winner will be notified on September 29.

To ENTER both contests visit

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What's new...

The bookstore has been bursting with awesome selections in African-American Christian Fiction. Here's what's been sizzling hot for 2013:

Victoria Christopher Murray's latest sizzler...

In this emotionally charged and inspiring novel about a love triangle, secrets between best friends threaten to blow up friendships and a marriage and change lives forever.

When Miriam’s fireman husband, Chauncey, dies while rescuing students from a school fire, Miriam feels like her life is over. How is she going to raise her three children all by herself? How will she survive without the love of her life? Luckily, Miriam’s sister-friend Emily and Emily’s husband, Jamal, are there to comfort her. Jamal and Chauncey grew up together and were best friends; Jamal and Emily know they will do all they can to support Miriam through her grief. Jamal steps in and helps Miriam with the funeral arrangements and with her children, plus he gives her hope that she has a future. But all the time that they spend together—grieving, sharing, and reminiscing—brings the two closer in ways they never planned. . . .

Visit to learn more about the author. 

Reshonda Tate Billingsley brings more drama with...

Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, whose bestselling fiction “tackles some of life’s toughest situations” (The Florida Times-Union), unravels the secrets in a mother’s past that turn her daughter’s life upside down—by revealing the family she never knew existed.

Her dream of studying dance at Juilliard is within reach, but Olivia Dawson turns down the opportunity, choosing instead to stay with her ailing mother in the Houston projects where they barely make ends meet. Lorraine Dawson is Olivia’s whole world, and now Olivia insists on being there for her. But when Lorraine learns Olivia is sacrificing college for her sake, her heartache triggers a series of shattering events that results in Olivia discovering her father, a man she was told had died years ago. But he is alive and well—and he’s the powerful CEO of one of the country’s richest corporations.

With her best friend urging her to claim a much-deserved chunk of Bernard Wells’s fortune, Olivia seeks out his Los Angeles mansion. But it’s not money she wants—it’s answers: Why did he abandon Lorraine when Olivia was three years old? Why did they suffer in poverty while he gave his “real” wife and son a life of luxury? Opening up the past, however, is more complicated than Olivia—or Bernard—expected, and the pain of yesterday’s sins must be confronted before true healing and a bright tomorrow can begin.

Visit Reshonda at 

Michelle Lindo-Rice is a new author, but not a novice..

If you found out you were dying, would you suddenly confess all your past sins?

When former chart-topper, Tiffany Knightly learns that she's dying from cancer, she leaves behind her plush California lifestyle to return to Hempstead, New York, with Karlie, here reluctant teenaged daughter. Her fans think she has simply gone home to die, but Tiffany has another mission. She desperately wishes she could leave her past in the past, but in order to secure her daughter's future, she must tear open past wounds.

Life wasn't always easy for Tiffany. With a stepfather who abused her and a mother who didn't believe her, she acted out by becoming promiscuous. Fifteen years later, she's back to reveal to her ex-husband that he might not be Karlie's biological father. In fact, there are four men who could have fathered Karlie--four that she's willing to acknowledge anyway.

As Tiffany reveals her truth and searches for Karlie's father, she reconnects with old friends and old lovers. Some reunions are happy, but some innocent lives are torn apart, leaving Tiffany to wonder if she's doing the right thing. Through it all, she will have to learn to rely on the healing power of God's unfathomable love.

Visit Michelle at

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New from E.N. Joy - I Ain't Me No More

About the Book

Helen wasn’t just born the devious vixen of New Day Temple of Faith. There has to be something rooted deep within her to make her feed off of the pain she inflicts on other people. Perhaps it is her own pain that she has suppressed for so many years. It’s an unimaginable pain that creates an internal prison in which her mind is the only captive. 
Whatever the cause, once the demons within her break free, those around her better beware. Helen feels no shame about the fact that she hasn’t been saved. Will the divas of New Day Temple of Faith think Helen is worth saving? More importantly, can God save Helen from not only her evil past, but from herself?

An Interview with E.N.Joy

How does your book relate to your present situation, education, spiritual practice or other life path? I can honestly say that the main character, Helen's, story, is about 60% of who I was. As I look back on the life of Helen, I catch myself cringing, but then rejoicing at the same time. Because like Helen, in my present situation I might not be where I want to be in life and my walk with Christ, but I sure ain't where I used to be! If Jesus had not saved me from my own self, I fear what damage I could have done to those around me. In past years I was a prime example of how hurt people hurt people. I was mad at the world when all the while the only person I should’ve been mad at was myself-for wasting time on being mad. My misery fed off company. So if you came around me and you weren't already miserable-give me an hour tops and you'd be right there in the valley with me. I can confess this now because-you guessed it-I Ain't Me No More. Not only that, but because now I don't have a choice-it's all out there in this stone unturned. Because the book mirrored my life so much (another Hence: the mirror on the cover;-) one might think it was easy to write this book. After all, it was my story. It should have flowed easily. That was not the case. I started writing this book five years ago. It was very difficult because my flesh kept rearing its ugly head. My flesh wanted to get out all of its hurt, pain, guilt, shame and 'woe is me' crap; you know, a three hundred page pity party that would hopefully make people feel sorry for me (ooops, I mean feel sorry for Helen). All the while God was trying to pull out a testimony, not garner sympathy. The flesh versus spiritual battle was very draining, but in the end I know beyond a doubt that what was achieved was a valid, entertaining, heart wrenching, moving and real story that will become a Divas classic.

What drew you to tackle the questions or topics in I Ain't Me No More? When I started this book five years ago, at the time, I was so displeased with who I was. The problem was, I didn't want to admit who I was, which was an angry, hurt and bitter person who had internalized and held onto those things, circumstances and situations that had made me that way. Doing so gave me an excuse to be mad. If I held onto what so and so did to me umpteen years ago, it justified the way I could treat so and so today. You can't quit it if you can't admit it. So I had to take a for real-for real look at myself in the mirror, tell that reflection staring back at me just what I thought about her, and once I turned away from that mirror, make a conscious decision to leave her behind. I declared that I would do everything in my power to not be that person anymore...because she was disgusting and I hated her. If you go through life hating who you are, displaying love to others (heck, even like for that matter) is next to impossible. I had dealt with so much hurt and pain in my life that it ultimately became my normal. So if you wanted to fit into my normal world, you had to bring the hurt, bring the pain. When I got into church and got saved, I thought I was fixed. I was still broken though. It takes more work than just showing up at church every week and running down to the altar for someone to touch and agree with you or lay hands on you to get fixed. The main character in I Ain't Me No More, Helen, is mad, bitter and angry at the hand she was dealt in life. Her problem; does she want to be fixed or is she so comfortable with pain that she wouldn't know how to live without it? Plain and simple: Helen is not that likeable. As a matter of fact, the last book I wrote, The Sunday Only Christian, the main character in that one wasn't so likeable either. So as God kept giving me these unlikable people as main characters, I got scared. As an author there was a fear that if readers didn't like my main character, then they wouldn't like my book. So during prayer I expressed to God my concerns. His reply: "This book is not for people to like the main character. This book is for people like the main character."

About the Author

BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy is the writer behind the “New Day Divas,” “Still Divas” and "Always Divas" series, which have been coined the “Soap Operas In Print.” Formerly an Essence Magazine Bestselling secular author writing under the names Joylynn M. Jossel and JOY, when she decided to fully dedicate her life to Christ, that meant she had to fully dedicate her work as well.  She made a conscience decision that whatever she penned from that point on had to glorify God and His kingdom. You can visit E. N. Joy, on Facebook under Author E N Joy, on Twitter under enjoywrites and on Instagram as BLESSEDselling_Author_enjoy.

Click below to view the Book Trailer

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E-book coming soon from Rhonda McKnight...

Some rules are made to be broken…

About the Book

Deniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows there’s a rule about dating exes. Janette is pregnant and not only is this wedding happening, but Deniece has to arrange the festivities.

Deniece’s feelings and pride are hurt, but surprisingly, Terrance’s younger, sexier, cousin, Ethan Wright, is there to provide a listening ear and a strong bicep to cry on. Ethan’s interested in Deniece, but she has a rule about dating younger men. Despite her resistance, things heat up between them and Deniece begins to wonder if it’s time to break a few rules of her own.

The First Chapter - 

I know I hadn't heard this heifer correctly. Her statement almost made me drop my brand new seven hundred dollar phone in the toilet. I pulled it away from my ear, set it on the knee wall next to me and pushed the speaker button.
“I know you’re probably shocked, but I’m so happy I could cry!”
I closed my eyes to the sound of her voice. She hadn't said what I thought she’d said. She hadn’t said she was marrying Terrance Wright. She couldn’t have said that.
“Deniece, I know you’re still there. I can hear those stupid wind chimes in your bathroom window.”
I peeked over my shoulder at the noisy ornament that had betrayed me and smirked. Even though she knew I was present, I considered pushing the end button and pretending the call had dropped. But I knew there was no point in doing that. My pesky sister would only call back until I answered.
I swallowed, lowered the toilet seat lid and plopped my “needed to lose twenty pounds” behind down. “I’m here,” I croaked like I’d sucked in a room full of dry air.
“I know you’re surprised and all, because who would have thought I’d be interested in your leftovers, but it’s a long story how we got to know each other and although I feel kind of bad that he’s kinda ex-ish for you, I can’t help but be happy because I’ve found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.”
I shook my head. This was crazy. Way out there for a pre-coffee conversation. Kind of ex-ish? Had my sister lost her mind?
“He proposed last night. I was going to call you when I got home but it was close to midnight and I can never remember if you’re in a different time zone.”
I rolled my eyes. “New York is on the east coast just like you are, Janette, but I was asleep at midnight so I appreciate you holding off on your news,” I refused to say good, “until this morning.”
“I have so much to do. I need your help like yesterday. Do you think we could talk about some wedding stuff?”
I stared at the phone, tempted once again to push the end button and disconnect the call. “No, boo.  I’m not even dressed and I have an appointment to get to, so I most definitely can’t talk about this right now. I’ll call you later.”
“Wait!” Janette shrieked. “There’s one more thing. I need a favor.”
My baby sister was and had always been oblivious to my feelings. It would never occur to her to ask, “Are you okay with me marrying the only guy you have ever loved?”
I swallowed again. This lump went down harder than the last one, because it was a knot full of regrets. My sister didn’t really know how I felt about Terrance. I’d done much too good of job denying and disguising that fact all those years ago to really hold her accountable for my heartache, but still, the backstabber knew there was a rule that all black women held fast to…never date your girl’s exes. Surely, she knew the rule applied to sisters as well.
“What’s the favor?” I asked, rolling off a few sheets of toilet paper. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t dare ruin my makeup. I had to be out of the door at a meeting with a new client in fifteen minutes.
“I need you to come home as soon as possible and pull the wedding together for me.”
I popped to my feet like someone had sprung me from a Jack-in-the-box. “Janette Malcolm,” I said, using the sir name we shared. “I know you aren’t asking me to plan a wedding for you and my ex-boyfriend.”
Janette’s spoiled attitude came through on the phone. “Why not? You’re a wedding planner. That’s what you do for a living and besides it’s not like he’s a new ex. There’s a string of exes between him and you.”
I kept my mouth shut, because my temper was rising. My sister continued. “The favor is for me not him. I’m the one who needs the help. All Terrance will do is get a tux and show up.”
Terrance in a tux, the image took me back to high school. Specifically, to prom night which was the last time I’d seen Terrance in a tuxedo. He’d been wearing it for me, because he was my date. How crazy that the next time I’d see him in one he’d have my sister on his arm. That wasn’t right. In fact, it was all kinds of wrong.
I picked up the phone, walked into my closet and removed the dress I planning to wear. “I’m really booked out right now. There’s no way I can fit an out of state wedding in my schedule. Hire a local wedding planner.”
“I don’t have money for a wedding planner,” Janette protested, “and the only one who is the least bit reasonable is booked up for our date.”
“Choose another date. I mean, it’s not like you guys can’t move it. He just asked you to marry him last night.”
“We can’t move the date.” Janette hesitated. There was a nervous pause in the air and then she continued, “The wedding is in a month.”
“A month?” I dropped my dress. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. “Why the rush?”
“We need to have it really soon. Remember, I said I had two things to tell you?” Janette paused again. “I’m six months pregnant.”

 * * *

Gayle Lincoln, my assistant and best friend hovered over my desk. “Are you going to do it?”  
 I took a deep breath. “I don’t think I have a choice.”
Gayle crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Of course you do. We all have choices.”
“She’s my sister.” I dropped my eyes to the paperwork in front of me. I could sense Gayle rolling hers above me.
“She’s being unfair.” Gayle tapped the end of her pen on the desk as if to get my attention. “If she’s going to marry him, which I suppose she nearly has to at this point, she should at least have the decency to do it in Vegas or something.”
I had considered suggesting that or even a wedding honeymoon combination on a tropical island or cruise ship, but Janette was too pregnant for that kind of travel. Even if she wasn’t she wouldn’t do it. I raised my eyes to meet Gayle’s. “You don’t know Janette. She’s dreamed of having a big wedding her entire life. Every year when we were children she’d get a wedding dress for her Barbie doll. She’s been watching those wedding and Bridezilla shows for years.”
“So,” Gayle said, “I repeat. She should plan something small if she can’t hire someone to handle it.”
I tightened my grip on the arms of my chair. “I know I sound crazy, but at the end of the day, after the weddings done and even after she has the baby, she’s going to be my sister. That’s never going to change. I don’t have much family. I can’t cut her off over a man, even if he was mine.” I rolled my eyes.
Gayle grunted like she always did when she was frustrated with me. “I’m not saying cut her off. I’m saying tell her off. Be angry. Let her know how you feel.”
“What’s getting all worked up on the phone going to solve?”
“You’ll be able to check it off the to-do list before you get to Garrison. You don’t want to blow up there. You’ll be in the same house.”
I picked up my cell phone and push the gallery icon for the picture Janette had sent to me just this morning. It was a sideways view of her belly. The corners of my mouth turned up. I shook my head. “Fighting isn’t good for pregnant women.”
“Puleeze, pregnant women don’t get a pass on everything.”
I sighed and threw up my hands. “You’ve met her. She’s fragile.”
Gayle pinned me with a look.
I smirked. “Okay, she’s manipulative, but that’s not changing.”
“And you’re allowing yourself to be manipulated which apparently isn’t changing either.” Gayle took a seat. “What’s up with this Terrance anyway? You’ve never really talked about him before this. How do you feel about him?”
I let out a long breath and closed my eyes. “I don’t know.” I shook my head. “I haven’t really seen him in a few years. The last time I was home he was dating some woman from Atlanta, but that didn’t work out.”
“So, you keep up with his comings and goings.”
“No, my sister gossips about everybody in Garrison. I listen.”
“How do you feel when she talks about him?”
I shrugged. “Ambivalent. It’s like I want him to move on, but I don’t.”
Gayle nodded. “I’m not trying to be a shrink here, but have you ever thought about why?”
I dropped my head to the side like Gayle had asked me a stupid question. “Because he’s the only man who has ever asked me to marry him. That’s a big deal. I want to keep him on a shelf for that.”
Gayle looked confused. “I never wanted to keep anyone on a shelf because they proposed to me.”
I smirked again. “Gayle, you’re gorgeous. You get a marriage proposal every day on the subway.”
“From crazy men,” she retorted.
“Well you had four from men who weren’t crazy before you finally accepted the fifth. Women like me don’t have men falling all over us.”
Gayle narrowed her glare. “What do you mean women like you?”
I wasn’t sure what I meant. I let my words swirl around in my head before I responded. “Look, I know I’m pretty,” I started. That was true, I wasn’t as skinny as I wanted to be, but my smooth mocha brown skin and large dark eyes had always been assets men complimented me on. I was also a little on the tall side, five seven to be exact. My legs went on forever in the four inch heels I hiked around in everyday. Men couldn’t seem to get enough of those either, but that had been in my twenties and early thirties. The cat calls were less frequent now and seemed to come from the mouths of drunks rather than good looking men who were actually trying to holler. The ones who weren’t drunk were five foot five and balding. I sighed and waved my hand. “Let’s move on.”
 Gayle slid a folder in front of me. “I did the things you asked. I reserved the banquet hall, the videographer and photographer. Those are the contracts from the vendors and your payment receipts. I’ll email everything so you have digital copies.”
“Fantastic! What would I do without you?”
“Hire two hardworking people to take my place.” She chuckled. “I also have a call in to the D.J. and limousine company.”
I sucked in a cleansing breath and fanned my fingers out across the desk. “Great, that’s a big help.”
“Did you want me to get you a list of caterers?”
“Some back ups. I have a small company in town I’d like to use. I’m going to call them myself. They’re family friends and I’m sure they could use the business.”
Gayle put the pen she’d borrowed back in my pencil holder. “Any thing else?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You can book me a flight to Atlanta. I’m headed to Garrison, Georgia, whether I want to or not.”

Breaking All The Rules will be available for Kindle and Nook for $2.99 on 9/19/2013. 

About the Author

Rhonda McKnight is the author of the Black Expressions Top 20 bestsellers, A Woman’s Revenge (Mar 2013), What Kind of Fool (Feb 2012),  An Inconvenient Friend (Aug 2010) and Secrets and Lies (Dec 2009).  She was a 2010 nominee for the African-American Literary Award in the categories of Best Christian Fiction Novel and Best Anthology. She was the winner of the 2010 Emma Award for Favorite Debut Author and the 2009 Shades of Romance Award for Best Christian Fiction Novel. Originally from a small, coastal town in New Jersey, she’s called AtlantaGeorgia home for fifteen years. Visit her at and

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Stepping Down Virtual Book Tour with Michelle Stimpson

About The Book

Mark has been pastoring New Vision church for six years now, and all his hard work is about to pay off as the church approaches mega-church status. But while Mark has been busy building the church, his own household has been crumbling to pieces. After ignoring divine guidance, Mark finds himself caught up in the appearance of a scandal that threatens to tear the church apart. And his wife’s secrets only add insult to near-fatal injury.

Sharla would have done just about anything to be a mother…and, actually, she did. She was willing to pay the price for her mistakes, but she never dreamed someone else might have to suffer instead. How close can she come to confessing her past without jeopardizing her future?

Stepping Down is the eighth full-length novel from National Bestselling Author Michelle Stimpson. As the granddaughter of a pastor and the great-granddaughter of a bishop, she explores a conflict many spiritual leaders still encounter today. Readers will enjoy this fast-paced, hard-hitting novel that addresses the ageless question: How can a man run the church if he can’t run his own household?

  About the Author

Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994.  She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002.  She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults.

In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking. Her works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), and Falling Into Grace, which has been optioned by Paulist Productions for a movie of the week.  She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company, Right Track Academic Support Services, at

Michelle serves in women's ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. She also ministers to women and writers through her blog.  Michelle  regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs, and educational organizations. The Stimpsons are proud parents of two young adults and one crazy dog.

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