Monday, December 22, 2008

What I'm Most Grateful For This Christmas

What I’m grateful for this Christmas is multi-faceted. I’ll begin with my immediate circle. My family is still healthy and we’re all together. My children are both excelling in their high school classes. God has provided for our needs and given my husband and I extra jobs when we need the additional income. My husband and I are more in love than ever. We’d weather some storms over the past few years but God has brought us through them. There is so much more I could say about my family but those are the highlights.

In regards to being an author, I am grateful that I had my first book in print this year and it has been very well-received, thank the Lord. Because of the edgy content I wasn’t sure how that would go, but the people have spoken and they want real fiction and not stuff that is unrealistically chipper. Real life hurts, but there is also healing in Christ. I love writing about those things that touch the hearts of everyone around me. And many non-Christians have discovered my book. I’m praising God for that, too, because I want so badly to reach the lost. God showed me this is one way to reach people who I would otherwise never meet.

I’ve also become Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine and have had many talented columnists write articles since the debut issue in July. This month, Stacy Hawkins Adams will be providing food for thought in the multicultural fiction column, which is one of my favorite columns, so check it out y’all.

About my book Second Glances series – all titles by Michelle Sutton

There are three titles coming from Sheaf House publishers.

It's Not About Me - When a young woman's future is destroyed by a senseless attack, two brothers who say they have her best interests in mind fight to win her heart.

It's Not About Him Sept 2009 - When a young woman places her fatherless infant for adoption, her best friend tries to persuade her to marry him and keep her child.

It's Not About Her (not contracted yet, but planned release date is Sept 2010) - When an unassuming, plain girl befriends a young man who only dates beautiful people, she longs to have him love her...until he starts looking her way.

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