Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christ Less the Holiday Mess

There is a song by Nat King Cole “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” that instantly brings a smile to my face simply because the words give me a visual of a peaceful and inviting holiday. It is what I aspire to have even in moments when that doesn't feel like a possibility.
That being said, I also recognize that for many the Christmas season brings great sadness, bitterness and despair. This is the season where old hurts are revisited right after the ham is sliced, its the emptiness left from a loved ones recent passing who kept the family together or the frustration at not being able to buy any gifts for the children due to a less than ideal financial situation. I even remember when all the Christmas presents were stolen from under the tree of a relative. To imagine that someone would be desperate and/or disrespectful enough to walk in your home and steal precious gifts or life...Events seem unimaginable until they actually happen. Trying situations can take the glow from the most positive of people. To the point that even the most graceful song and music becomes empty noise.
It's during this time that Christ can be the greatest influence, a formidable buffer for pain, grievance and inadequacy. Jesus wasn't just born for our souls to be saved, he's there for us to seek him when life isn't making sense. I've learned that my relationship with Christ can carry me through many storms. Through his example I recognize what battles aren't meant for me to fight... by loving myself and those that surround me even when we aren't all on one giving my heart and time even if my pocketbook is empty. By being an encouragement in spite of...
I've learned to tune into things that bring me joy like “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”, because it's the little song or word or positive action that can enhance the Christ already in me.

T.N. Williams was born and raised in Muskegon, MI. Writing short stories and poems had been a passion from childhood, but it wasn't until graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor degree in Sociology, that she began to fully embrace that God-given gift and relate it to the diversity of people. She has received several awards for recognition from the International Society of Poets and collaborated poetic work in the published collection entitled Traces of the Infinite. Since college, T.N. uses her experience in the field of Employment Services and currently resides outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband and three children. Something on the Inside is her debut novel.

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