Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I'm Most Grateful For This Christmas

Grateful for the Gift

As leaves turn from red to yellow then fall to the ground our thoughts turn toward one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Christmas.

It is during this time that the preoccupation of what we can give overshadows what has been given. In the name of capitalism, the blitz to capture our shopping dollars literally begins one day past Halloween. Evidence of the now legislated holiday is heard in the extension of the politically correct offering of Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas.

In spite of society’s determination to publicly remove Christ from Christmas, I am eternally blessed for the unconditional love, grace and mercy God daily bestows upon me. I am grateful for the Son who was given, the life He gave and the choice that I made to surrender my all to the true and living God.

Merry Christmas to all – Linda Beed!

Dr. Linda F. Beed is the author of Business Unusual.

Bernadette Lewis, without apology walks with confidence and humility upon the path to fulfilling purpose. Her serene world turns into a whirlwind of emotions when she finds herself faced with the forced re-acquaintance of her maternal grandmother; the possibility of insubordination by a key employee and the option of choice regarding the one man her father cautioned her to be careful with.

Business Unusual connects readers with those they can identify with and find themselves rooting for and against as they read of their process through life.

Business Unusual
A story of forgiveness, obedience and the option of choice!

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