Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blessed Thoughts from Iris Celeste

New Every Morning

I am continuously astonished at how God not only listens to my prayers, but when I see evidence of those prayers being answered. My heart swells with sheer joy at the thought that a God so big cares so much about little old me. With millions of people in the world, wars and famine; He values the significance of my well-being. It’s then that the guilt starts to settle in and I feel ashamed for ever doubting Him. I don’t know if any of you are like this, but sometimes I will pray about a particular situation and still fret over it. I find myself lying awake at night hoping God comes through all the while devising a backup plan in case He doesn’t. Surely God must shake His head as He unyieldingly rains down my daily manna...o, you of little faith.

This week I was wringing my hands worrying over the probability of things to come. Though I had prayed, the situation was still at the forefront of my mind. Exhausted over excessive toiling, I decided to fully let go and whole-heartedly trust God. Afterall, He has yet to fail me. As always when the walls appeared to be closing in on me He provided a way of escape. Just when I thought I couldn’t make it another day, God stepped in. His overpowering love kept me from being consumed. Great is His faithfulness.

No matter how hard I try, I am unable to put into words the emotions that engulf me to know my Father in heaven is concerned about my every need. He knows them all before I can even ask. His sole desire is to bless me.
ME, a little country girl from rural South Carolina.
ME, with no more than a high school diploma.
ME, a mom single-handedly raising her young boys into men.
ME, broken—damaged and sometimes misguided.
He loves me and when it is I feel overwhelmed and think no one else cares, understands or notices…His compassions never fail and are new every morning.

Iris Celeste, Author
Praise Your Way Through


Anonymous said...

This was a blessing to my soul. I love this column. Thank you for adding other things to the blog.

Kim Hutchinson

Missy said...

Iris your first sentence captured my heart and convicted me to read on. Its not like I don't think God can I know He can its just that at times I forget He will and has.

So I know exactly what you are talking about. God who created the heavens & the earth loves me and cares about my well being. I'm rich and truly blessed. I'm nobody special, just a girl from Harlem NY trying to please You Lord, just a girl, whose heart is breaking at the direction of our world, but one who knows Father you got this thing, just a girl trying so hard to continue hearing your voice and direction and lastly just a girl praying that others see your light reflecting from me!

I love you Father and thank you for putting this article on Iris' heart and in her spirit.

Missy said...

I forgot two things first I'm going to nominate your book as one of our 2009 BOM. After we read it I will surely post a review on Amazon.

Second, your article brought tears to my eyes and I am glad about that these tears are for my Father, so thank u

Rhonda McKnight said...


Iris' book is in my luggage and I shall have it read by the time I return from my parents for Christmas. Looking forward to her story. I've heard great things.

Missy said...

I would love to hear your thoughts once you've read it. I cannot wait to introduce it to my book club.

iris celeste said...

wow! missy, your thoughts and praises touched my heart. you were an immediate answer to my prayers!!! i just asked the Lord to show me if i were being EFFECTIVE. thanks you for letting me know that what i do does make a difference. God bless you and please continue reading.
P.S. THANK YOU so much for nominating my book!!!! what an honor!

iris celeste said...

all right now, rhonda...i, too, will be awaiting your thoughts on Praise Your Way Through! have a safe and wonderful trip to your parents.