Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I'm Most Grateful For This Christmas

I am most grateful that God has given me another year to experience motherhood with my daughter, Selah. I can honestly say that every day on this planet is a miracle for me. And I am so thankful I am here to see her grow and help her grow. Now if some of her sweetness could rub off of me...
Dee Stewart
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Missy said...

Rhonda children are such a gift, I cannot have any of my own; but don't be sorry or sad because the Lord had other plans for me. I have a mentee I have mentored for the last 7 yrs she is now 28, I have a 6 yr old god neice who have been in my life for 5 of her 6 yrs. Lastly I have 2 sisters who have adopted me. They are the sweetest 6 & 9 yr old you ever want to meet. Looking over my life many children have come & gone and it makes me smile when I think of them. One in particular is a mother now of 4 and I feel like she has blessed my life more than I have blessed hers.

So I'm gratedul that my Father has introduced me to so many of His children who have touched me and left fingerprints in my life.

Rhonda McKnight said...


You remind me of a woman we met on vacation last year. She was sitting at the table next to us and my three year old, who can be standoff-ish was so taken with her, so we all struck up a conversation. She shared with us how she had never been able to have children, but God had bought so many children into her life to mentor that it really did fill the ache for her.

I think God uses very special people to mentor children. As parents, sometimes we're tired and admittedly not always as attentive as we'd like to be. I believe God sends special people into our kids lives to bless them. Kind of like the rush you can from eating candy. It's sweet and makes you feel good. I know my sister is like that for my kids. She loves them up and spoils them, but she also knows how to have the tough talks with my teen, which helps to reinforce my voice in this head.

The great thing about the mentee is that they're not burnt out, because they don't deal with all of the care and worries that come with children. So I'm glad to hear you know how God is using you in those childrens lives. It's an important ministry, because our children really need it.