Monday, December 15, 2008

What I'm Grateful For This Christmas

What I'm most grateful for this Christmas is this anointing that God has given me to write these books. I'm still amazed with every email I receive where someone says my book touched them. I'm still shocked when new authors say they write because of me. I feel so honored that God chose me and my fingers. And on top of that to have such wonderful friends and supportive family - is there anything else that anyone needs?

Victoria was the receipient of two African American Literary Awards in the categories of "Best Fiction Book" for her most recent release, Too Little, Too Late and "Best Female Author" for 2008. Congrats to you, Victoria.
Make sure to share one of her great books as a Christmas present this year. A good book makes a great gift!

You may learn more about Victoria by visiting for women's fiction or for her phenomenal teen series.


Michelle Sutton said...

Hey Victoria! Waving at you from Arizona. :)

Anonymous said...

We readers appreciate your gift, too. I love the continuing Jasmine saga, but I have to say The Ex-Files was my absolute favorite book of all time.

Kim Hutchinson