Thursday, December 04, 2008

Buy a Black Book and Give It To Someone Not Black Month

This is a brilliant idea, and honestly, African Americans read books by non-African American authors all the time and it just seems fair that this should be reciprocal.

APOOO Book Club had a thoughtful, yet very funny post by author, Carleen Brice. Carleen is spearheading this effort on her blog (She's not a Christian fiction author, but I've been told her book, Orange Mint and Honey, is excellent.).

Click here to see the video

I ask my non-African American readers (I hate using the word "white", seems so uncool. Save us from our labels) to not be offended. If you watch the video you'll find it's very cute, done in fun and certainly in no way offensive. I had to share and I also think it's a good idea to diversify the old book shopping list, which I'm sure you already do or you wouldn't be visiting my blog. But maybe you can share with friends who don't feel the same way.

In honor of this post, I'm going to post an interview by a non-African American author real soon and ask my readers to please buy her very well written book.

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Yasmin said...

Go Rhonda!

Patricia W. said...

This is getting lots of press. I've been hearing about it all week and I'm including it in my weekend Reader/Writer tips.

I hope folks don't offended because, althought it's titled about black books, I think the bigger message is reading outside of one's comfort zone.

Jessica said...

So true. I can't remember if it was this blog or not, but there was a discussion somewhere about African American fiction being shelved in the AA section. That's a section I never noticed, being "non-African American" :-) So great idea! The title of the book itself is intriguing.
Hey, I was just reading your bio. I didn't realize you had a book coming out! Congrats!

Rhonda McKnight said...

Thanks, Jessica. Actually, I hadn't thought of it, but my counter would now be under 365 days now. Less than a year until I hold it in my hands. I'm so excited. Secrets and Lies. It's a great story.