Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What I’m Most Grateful For This Christmas

Although I am grateful for so many things, I am most grateful for a renewed sense of purpose. Not so many years ago, I came from a very dark place where I was drifting along with no real vision, or atleast without God’s vision. The plan I had for my life was my own,exceptionally flawed and unfulfilling. On the outside I looked fairly successful, but inside I was trapped in a continual cycle God never intended for me to be in. I was moving and producing, but not in God’s perfect will for my life. In fact, I didn’t even know at first that such a thing existed.
My writing, which had been my passion and dream since I was a little girl, had been sucked out by post college life, student loans, marriage, children, bills, and a multitude of responsibilities. Somehow the passion, that had once burned so brightly , was lost and eventually buried alive.
It wasn’t until I had a revelation from God about purpose many years later, and ultimately about his purpose for my life, that my whole world started to turn around. God used a simple conversation to remind me of who I was in Christ-a writer- but no longer just a writer, one who was ordained to write for Him.
When I stopped fighting my destiny, God was able to supernaturally restore and favor me. I was blessed to not only complete my first novel, The Lovechild,but to also document the journey in my first non-fiction book, Resurrecting Vision. I was born to be a kingdom writer and just knowing my purpose gives me the strength and tenacity to forge ahead in Jesus’ name. Now I experience the unspeakable joy of knowing both whose I am and also who I am. So as we celebrate this Jesus’ birth, I am eternally grateful for what my Lord and Savior has birthed in me.

Ashea Goldson is the author of The Lovechild and several non-fiction books.

The Lovechild provides a riveting ride through the life of Makaeli Lovechild Hunt, a successful fashion designer who struggles with her biracial identity and her spirituality. Born into a dysfunctional family, and enduring many hardships,she eventually becomes estranged from them. She escapes to Italy where she dives into her career and masks her resentment for her family, for God, and for herself. Finally, a family emergency forces her to face her tumultuous past. In seven life altering days, she discovers what forgiveness really means and amidst crises painful enough to make her turn her back on God forever, she learns what it means to be God’s lovechild.

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Thanks for sharing, Ashea and enjoy the holidays. All of them.



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Jessica said...

God's lovechild is such a powerful phrase, and I've never heard it before.
Sounds like a good book. :-)