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Zaria Garrison shares "What She's Grateful for this Christmas"

What I am grateful for this Christmas

By Zaria Garrison

As the Christmas season approaches, I hear many people complaining. It surprises me that so many people have a negative image of what should be one of most joyous times of the year.  I have heard people moan about how Christmas is too commercial. Then others have talked about how the economy is so bad they can’t even think about celebrating. While others bemoan the fact that they are not in love, don’t have a large family, or otherwise may be alone during the holidays.  Lastly, there are those who feel that Christmas magic ends after childhood. The joy of Christmas disappears along with belief in Santa Clause.

I suppose all of these whiners do have valid points. It’s true that for many Christmas is very commercial. It’s about making money, selling items, and the almighty dollar. I also realize that the economy is bad right now. Many people are out of work and finances are tighter than Mariah Carey’s leggings.  It’s also true for many that Christmas becomes a lonely time without loves ones.  Lastly, I have to give validity to the fact that I don’t wake up on Christmas morning searching for a new Barbie, or a shiny red bicycle the way that I used to. All of these things are valid, in some ways.

However, this article is about what I’m grateful for this Christmas, and I have to say I am grateful that I do not feel any of those negative things when I think of Christmas.  I am grateful that while the rest of the world is caught up in black Friday sales, the lowest price of a Wii, and how much cash can be earned during the holidays, these things do not control me.  Of course I look for good prices, and I have a teen-ager to buy gifts for, but those things are not most important.

I am grateful that even though I don’t have a job God has continued to bless me and my son. We have a roof over our heads, we have food to eat, and we will have gifts on Christmas morning. Even in a bad economy, God is still in the blessing business.

On Christmas morning my mother will not be present, she is in heaven celebrating with my brother, and her other relatives who have gone to glory. Those of us left behind will miss them, but I am grateful that we have each other. 

As an adult, with a teen-aged son, I won’t wake up Christmas morning looking for toys with excitement. But I currently feel excited because I know what Christmas is all about. The joy of knowing that God sent his only son as a gift for me far outweighs any present I’ve ever received.  This Christmas I am grateful for his presence in my life.

If you are not happy with the commercialism of Christmas, then don’t buy into the hype. Your children will be happy with love on Christmas morning, even if that’s all that you can give them. Real genuine love lasts all year and doesn’t end up broken by December 27th.

This year at Christmas I am grateful that I have that love in my life. I am grateful that God is ordering my steps and blessing me abundantly.

This Christmas I hope you’ll allow Jesus to be born into your heart, so that you can feel the true joy of Christmas as well.

About the Author

Zaria Garrison is an award-winning author of Christian fiction who is committed to writing and publishing literature that ministers as well as entertains.  Her ministry goal is to promote literacy in the Christian community, by helping Christians to hear the gospel within the pages of literature.

Her first Christian fiction novel Prodigal was released by Urban Christian Imprint, a division of Kensington Publishers, October 2009.  She is also co-owner and staff writing of EKG Literary Magazine, which caters to all members of the literary community.

You can find her online at or                                                                

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