Friday, December 18, 2009

Author Bernard Boulton: What He's Grateful For This Christmas

Bernard Boulton
            Gratitude is an emotion that stirs my heart and causes me to reflect on all that the Father has given me.  Gratitude reminds me that I am endowed and not entitled. What I mean is all that I have has been graciously given to by my heavenly Father was not because of who I am but because of who He is. He has chosen to bless me not because of, but in spite of. I have been endowed with life and family. I have been endowed with good health and because of the health challenges that I went through at the beginning of this year I went on a diet and lost a considerable amount of weight and have successfully made some good lifestyle changes that allowed me to experience healing in my body. I am in the ministry that God has called me to and He has given me many opportunities to minister in His name. I am grateful for old relationships and for new relationships with persons who has impacted my life and motivated me to walk in my destiny.
            I am grateful because I know that the list of blessings that I could write was not given to me because of my pedigree or societal connections or because my family has a famous name. I am not entitled to any of the blessings that I enjoy. I have experienced favor in my relationships and in my life because God has delighted in me.
            I am grateful for memories of past Christmases from my childhood. My mother really sacrificed to make Christmas a time of joy for her children. She was a single parent with three sons and a daughter and as children we had no idea what it took for her to give us everything that we wanted for Christmas. My mother’s objective in this season was to see her children happy. As I reflect on her and all that she was to us and all that she did for us I have to say thank You God for my mother.
            I am grateful that my understanding of the sacrifice that God our Father made by giving His Son is realized through my faith and belief in His word but I also have an understanding of His gift through the example that my Mother illustrated for me in her own life. I am grateful for her example and I try to live by
daily. I am grateful because I have found liberation through making sacrifices for the ones that I love.
I am grateful for my history, my journey and my future. I want to encourage everyone to use gratitude as a measuring stick. Measure your blessings from yesterday with a grateful heart and anticipate what is coming for you tomorrow because your gratitude is energized by your hope. Be grateful during this Christmas season.
About The Author 
Bernard Boulton is a writer with a mission to write relevant stories that reach real people. His debut novel is Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? You can read an excerpt or contact him at

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