Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Author Nikita Nichols: What I'm Grateful For This Christmas

“What I’m Most Grateful For This Christmas”
Nikita Nichols

What I'm most grateful for this Christmas is the fact that I actually lived this long to see it. It is truly God's blessing that I've come this far in life. Sometimes health and strength can be taken for granted not realizing that in a blink of an eye, the very things we don't always appreciate, can be taken away. This holiday season is a special one for me. I am releasing my 4th fictional novel, "A Woman's Worth" on December 24th, Christmas Eve. Truly this is my gift from the Lord and I appreciate the talent He has instilled in me. It puts joy in my heart to know that readers are satisfied and happy. I've come to learn that Christmas isn't about receiving gifts but it's about gift giving. Most of all, it's a day to acknowledge the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I celebrate Him.
About the Author
Nikita Lynnette Nichols is employed at the Chicago Transit Authority. She is a member of The Progressive Life-Giving Word Cathedral under the leadership of Apostle Donald Lawrence Alford. She enjoys shoe shopping and indulging in milk chocolate every chance she gets. Nichols is currently writing her fifth and most anticipated novel entitled, 'Crossroads', releasing April, 2011. She resides in the southwest suburbs of Illinois.
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Anonymous said...

Hello< I am looking for the crossroads book. I have read the other two and was wondering if the third one is availble. This is the first time that haqve read any of your books. It has been great. I can not rest knowing that I will not be able to read your third book. I have checked with barnes&noble and borders. Please help me out. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The author indicated that Crossroads would not come out until 2011.

Anonymous said...

Is the book A Woman's Worth a sequel to Amaryllis?

Dwan Maye said...

No, A Woman's worth was written to show the scenario in a woman's perspective as the book A Man's Worth did for the man's prospective. Crossroads should be the sequel to Amaryllis. This is my guess from the author's notes.