Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Author Daphine Robinson shares "What She's Grateful For This Christmas"

"What I'm Grateful For This Christmas"
Daphine Robinson

Many years ago, it looked as if my husband and I might end up a childless couple. After two devastating miscarriages and much prayer, we had our first child and three years later, a son.

This time of year I am particularly reflective as I remember the promise I made to God many years ago. "Lord, if you allow me to have children, I promise I'll raise them in your will and way and let them know they are special gifts from you to us." As I look at them each day, I remember that promise and thank the Lord for being faithful and true. It may sound cliché, but I'm very thankful for my family. I'm surrounded each day by people who have no special person in their life, no one to make them smile-and worse, no faith.

I honestly believe without faith, I would have nothing.

I realize the Lord has given me a special gift in my family and not just the family in my house. My biological family, my husband's family, and friends who are like family make me thank the Lord that I am loved. I am so thankful the Lord loved my husband and me enough to bless us with our own family, but I'm even more thankful he sent his son to us many years ago.

About The Author
Daphine Glenn Robinson is the author of Brotherly Love and Betrayal, and Caring What People Think. She lives in NC with her family and is currently working on her third novel Untold Lies. Visit her website www.daphinerobinson.com for more information.

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