Sunday, December 13, 2009

Author Pat Simmons: "What She's Grateful For This Christmas."

What I’m Grateful This Christmas
By author Pat Simmons

Is it possible to be grateful for the same thing year after year? If not, let me break protocol.

Last year around Memorial’s Day, my son, Jared, was involved in a horrific car accident. He was a passenger in an SUV. The driver was racing down a busy street in speeds excessive of one hundred miles her hour. The vehicle crashed into a pole, rolled over, and exploded. His friend was ejected from the SUV. This time last year, I was praising the Lord for sparing his life when during the same night, other wrecks killed people.

A few days ago, my son, who is twenty-five, and I revisited that life-alternating day. Jared told me a woman who was traveling behind that SUV was an eye-witness to the accident. She didn’t know Jared at the time, and she described how his foot was shaking uncontrollably as it hung from the twisted metal of the SUV.
Most bystanders thought Jared was dying, so did the investigating officer. Even the reconstruction team was dispatched then turned away. God snatched him and the driver from Satan’s death grip that they should live. Read the complete story in my June 2008 newsletter at, and view pictures of Jared and the vehicle’s remains at entitled Jared.

So, here I am again, another Christmas, not only grateful for my material possessions: money, clothes, a house, car (well when it starts anyway) and my spiritual benefits of salvation, but I have no doubt next Christmas and the Christmas after that, and even as many Christmases as the Lord Jesus will give me that I’ll continue to be grateful for one thing—how God miraculously spared my son’s life.

About the Author
Pat Simmons is the author of the national bestselling and award winning "Guility Series". Her latest release Not Guilty of Love is avaliable wherever books are sold. You may learn more about Pat at

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