Thursday, December 17, 2009

Author Shawneda Marks: What I'm Grateful For This Christmas

What I'm Grateful For This Christmas
Shawneda Marks

This time two years ago financial challenges become life changing as my husband’s trucking company hauling housing materials began to feel the beginning of the economic downturn. While I was not even a month pregnant my Dad fell ill, misdiagnosed three time by the end of my first trimester he passed. I experienced several unresolved medical issues during my pregnancy after we buried my Dad. Clamoring for peace I prayed and God gave me assurance our child would be fine. God blessed us with a successful birth I shared the news with my birth son given up for adoption, and all communication from his side stood still. As the forecast of my life began to look bleak I had two choices give in to the pressure or reach out to God to be my strength. My faith in God and love of worship called me back from the invitation to look at the glass half empty.

This Christmas I'm grateful for what some consider the basic things in life. I am blessed to have my relationship with God, health, safety, shelter, loving family and a few sincere friends. Instead of focusing on the things I've lost I focus on how much God loves me. I thank Him for a temporary work assignment to help rebuild financially, a husband who supports my purpose as well as dreams and a healthy happy little girl. In addition to the basic blessings I'm thankful for the people God has brought into my life who share my passions worshipping God, wellness and words.

About the Author
Shawneda Marks is affectionately known as the activist author. Her new novel, It's in My Blood was available on December 1, 2009, World AIDS Day. She lives in metropolitan Atlanta with her husband and daughter. Find out more about her visit

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Dee S. said...

Shawneda, I am grateful for you, surprisingly. Woman you put me through it. lol. Thanks for being a help to me and Selah this year and never having a dull moment.

Rhonda, I'm also grateful for you, too. You have really held me down during times I had no reason to think that you would.

I am grateful to you both for including me in your writing journey and thinking enough of me to share your world from time to time.

It is lonely way out here in horse country GA. lol.