Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victorious Magazine - Blog Tour - Day 1

Victorious Magazine Launch Celebration

VICTORIOUS Magazine is the cornerstone of our public communication, providing access to articles representing our victorious message! By reaching out directly to each woman and touching on the concerns that are on her heart we are able to encourage her to press on toward her dreams to live victoriously, taking control of her own destiny and achieving her true purpose. Our editorial content is designed to validate the importance of the things that appeal to her on all levels - personally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally - in a way that only women can understand.Our article categories include Destiny & Purpose, Inspiration & Empowerment, Stewardship, Victorious Living, Victorious Wellness, and Style & Grace. The publication launched its digital version March 30, 2009. The first print issue of VICTORIOUS MAGAZINE will hit the newsstands September 2009, with an initial circulation of 25,000.

Meet Brooks J. Young, The Founder of Victorious Magazine

It’s been nine months since I conceived Victorious Magazine – a long nine months. I’ve gained 60 pounds, midnight manna cravings, tears of joy and out-of-control hormones. I was ready to see my baby. I was ready to see what the Holy Spirit had implanted in me. See, I was a “teenage mother”. I knew nothing about birthing a magazine. My family and friends told me I was crazy to want to keep the vision that God had gave me. It’s not like this pregnancy was planned. Victorious just “happened”. It was a late night and I was out seeking to become intimate with God. I wanted to know what true love was and boy did He show me. I finally understood what intimacy was in a way that was never shown to me…this was true love and in the end I was pregnant. What would I name her? Destiny? Purpose?

Did I ever think about aborting my baby? No. Not once. Even when family and friends walked away and told me that my baby would not live in this economy, I knew she would thrive! When the neighbors and “online buddies” were whispering about how I was alone - an unwed mother - with no staff and no money… I kept going. I was determined to give birth to my baby. My baby was not an illegitimate child - her father’s name is Yahweh; she is not a mistake and I refused to allow anyone to call her that. She was one of the best gifts that God has given me - and He named her Victorious!

Victorious is just a baby now and in a couple of months she will be a toddler. Standing on racks across the country¸ in the hands of women who need to realize the conception of their own spiritual gift in God. While everyone else was talking, I was giving my baby the proper nutrients to grow: prayers, love, and support. I kept my eyes on the Father and not on the world. I trusted Him to provide child support… and He never let me down! I closed out all the naysayers and those who are dream killers because I know what God said. There were plenty of days I rocked myself to sleep because of hurt and pain. There were days where my heart was so heavy from the “nosey neighbors” but I had to give birth.

This was not an easy pregnancy; there were several complications and tests run. I was at a point where I thought I was going to lose her but God stepped in and declared that “Victorious shall live and not die.” So, I prayed for clarity and help – I was given wisdom and midwives. I was blessed with awesome women of God to tell me to keep pushing when labor got so hard that I just wanted to give up. They assured me that I could and would deliver a healthy baby. They were right – she’s perfect.

We as visionaries have to remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. We have to look at the true enemy and understand that if he can get us to abort our spiritual babies then he has won and we are not victorious people. There will be labor pains, lack of sleep, and cravings (tests of our will power to resist things that we cannot feed our baby!) God always makes provision for the vision. He always has a Master plan. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Every trial and test is NOT for us but for someone else - and for GOD’s glory. I may not be an expert but God has given me an assignment and I must complete it. God knew I would protect my baby. He knew what kind of mother I would be even when I had some doubts. He knew what was inside of me. He knows exactly what we need to reach our destiny. Here’s a secret: Everything you need to reach your destiny is inside of you .

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vanessa richardson said...

Brooks, congratulations on the birth of your baby. She is beautiful!
Wonderful interview, thanks for sharing.


Brooks J. Young said...


Thank you so much!! I am a proud mother!

Brooks J. Young said...


Thank you very much for your support! I am blessed that we were able to have you as stop for the tour.

Arnita L. Fields said...

Brooks Congratulations again! God is most definitely an AWESOME God, He is faithful to His word!


Arnita L. Fields

Ty said...


Thank you for participating in the Victorious Magazine Launch! Brooks is an awesome inspiration.

Brooks, thank you for sharing your testimony -- never give-up!



Anonymous said...

Brooks, many blessings and much success with VICTORIOUS Magazine.

Anonymous said...

I think I forgot to sign my name

Wanda B. Campbell

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that a magazine of this caliber is available for the readers.

I encourage you to go forth with the vision as you bless others with the fulfilling your dream and purpose.

Linda Beed

Renee Williams said...

I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor on the stand! Keep persevering in all that you do! I'm also glad to be a part of this tour!

Renee Williams