Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Deliver Me From My Enemies by Sharon Oliver

In this much anticipated sequel to Keep Your Enemies Closer, Charlotte Morley is still in South Carolina waiting to learn the fate of a relative. In the meantime, there is another loved one caught up in some serious scandal. Charlotte had assumed that her Aunt Ramiyah's motive for killing her husband was due to an abusive marriage. However, in a series of letters written to Charlotte by Ramiyah it is revealed that the true motive springs deep from beneath the family tree and is steep in secret sins. Also joining the eclectic and sometimes eccentric cast of characters is the effervescent Hiawatha Jones, the son of the tart-tongued-tell-it-like-it-is Miss Sista. Hiawatha needs to be delivered from a few issues of his own.This delicious slice of life story is filled with suspense, humor and insight. Deliver Me From My Enemies deftly demonstrates how God can use or heal anybody from anything.
I had Sharon pull up a "virtual" chair and answer a few questions about the new novel:

Who is your favorite character and why? Miss Sista is still a favorite. I love her boldness. But they are all favorites for various reasons, which is partially why this is a sequel.

What did you learn while writing this novel? Well, I learned how to balance and schedule time for writing a little better while working a 9 to 5.

What is the spiritual takeway? Sometimes in life our tests for forgiveness can be extremely difficult so it takes God's help. This story delves into a couple of areas that is not often talked about, but does go on behind closed doors. I want the reader(s) to know that while God does allow certain circumstances to happen, He is able to bring about deliverance, vindication, etc., Plus, use you for His glory because of it.

Well said, Sharon. Thanks for stopping by.

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