Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nikki Carter's A So For Real Novels

Fifteen-year-old Gia Stokes knows exactly what she needs to make her life fantabulous:

Get her mother Gwendolyn to let her relax her hair

Find a boy to ask her out

Get on the Hi-Steppers dance squad

Gia doesn't have the hair or the clothes, but she's got the moves and the attitude to make her sophomore year at Longfellow High unforgettable. But not everyone agrees, so Gia decides it's time for a makeover. With her stylish new look, she scores a date with hottie football player, Romeo, snags a spot on the Hi-Steppers dance squad, and makes a ton of new friends. Gia's on top of the world?until things go horribly wrong. Now Gia feels like all she has left is her mom and her faith. That's not going to stop Gia, she's just got to convince the Hi-Steppers and everyone else at school, to follow her lead and step to her beat.

Gia and the Longfellow High gang are back in full effect! Ricky – Gia’s BFF and almost-crush - is now the starting quarterback of the Longfellow Spartans. Along with that comes not one but two crushes from Hi-Stepper Valerie and Gia’s cousin Hope, leaving Gia scrambling as the middle man. Valerie’s on a mission to win the Homecoming Queen title and will stop at nothing to get her crown. In the middle of all the drama, Gia now has to contend with a new stepfather and sticky-fingered stepsister. Will Ricky choose Hope or Valerie? Or will Ricky and Gia get past their fear of the crush unknown and lay it all on the line? You’ll have to read and find out!

It Is What It Is coming June 30th. Click here to pre-order.


La Monica R. Smith said...

I enjoyed getting to know the hilarious Gia Stokes and I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles life with her new step-father and step-sister. And of course I gotta know who Ricky chooses.

Rhonda McKnight said...

LaMonica - I think Tiffany's book was the best YA I've read. She can do the page turner thing so the youngin's will eat it up.