Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Books For Our Male Teens

Stephanie Perry Moore penned a captivating series for our young men. Last year my 17 year old read each new release of this series in one day flat. This is the kid I used to bribe or threaten to read, so they had to be good. The series includes five books that focus on a young man named Perry Skky, Jr. Here's a little about the first book:

Prime Choice

Torn between his desire for sex and his desire to please God, Perry Skky Jr. needs some guidance—before he lets down both himself and the Lord…

It’s Perry’s senior year—and he has every reason to feel good about himself. One of the most popular kids in his class, he’s not only the best football player in the state, he’s also acing every one of his AP classes. College recruiters are beating down his door to sign him. He even has such a good thing with his girlfriend, Tori, that he finally feels ready to take their relationship to the next level.

There’s only one problem. Tori isn’t ready. Her Christian beliefs tell her she needs to save herself. And with plenty of girls to choose from, Perry is tempted to break up with Tori and start spending time with someone who is ready for something more. The choice is his: to do what feels good—or to do right by God.

Learn more about the series at Stephanie's website by clicking here.

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