Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teen Fiction Showcase - May 17th - May 29th

I can't believe it's almost June. The kids are going to be out school in a few weeks. Time to find them some reading material to keep them busy during those lazy summer days. How about some Christian Fiction? Good choice. Christian fiction will speak for you when you're not there.
Don't have kids of your own - what about neices and nephews, little cousins or some kids in your neighborhood or church. It doesn't really matter who plants a seed. As long as it falls on good soil, it'll grow.
Look for titles by these authors:
Jacquelin Thomas, Victoria Christopher Murray, Stephanie Perry Moore, Nikki Carter and more...

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La Monica R. Smith said...

Rhonda, I'm so glad you're shining the light on the great YA Christian fic that's out there now. I actually read more YA than anything else, so I'm always excited to tune in to your Teen Showcase.