Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember God's Love For Us This Valentine's Day

When people (including myself) think about Valentine’s Day, we think about familial love, marriage, maybe kids at school exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. I wanted to take a moment to focus on a different kind of love today: the love our Savior has for us. None of us deserves God’s love, yet he loves us unconditionally and accepts us as His Children. He sent his son as a sacrifice to die for our sins, and the most important decision we can make in our entire lives is to accept His gift of eternal life! So, this Valentine’s Day, take some time to remember God and His love for us.

Sometimes, we might feel that we’re not deserving of God’s love. I know I’ve felt that way at times. And you know what, we don’t deserve God’s love, but He gives it to us anyway! God accepts us as we are, and we need to come to Jesus, even though we know we re not perfect and don’t always live up to God’s standards.

In my novel, Milk Money, Frank is an alcoholic. He feels worthless, undeserving of God’s love. Although he finally accepts Christ, he still doesn’t feel worthy of God’s grace, and Emily (the heroine in Milk Money) reminds him that he doesn’t have to fix himself before he comes to Jesus. Jesus accepts us as we are. So, if you are struggling with issues in your life, leaning on God can help you get over those hurdles. Faith in God is the most important thing to have in our lives. Developing a strong faith in Jesus is a journey, and I admit that it’s hard to always place our faith in Jesus while we’re battling sin in this world.

So, this Valentine’s Day, as you share chocolates, flowers, candy, and cards with your loved ones, why not share some of the gospel with them, too? This may turn out to be a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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~Cecelia Dowdy~

Thanks for hosting me today, Rhonda!


Ty said...

People do get caught up in the flowers, candy and jewelry for
Happy Valentine's Day. But those things don't have a lasting affect like God's unconditional love. It's hard to see that kind of love because people put so many "conditions" on love. It's only when you understand and see God's grace your eyes are opened to real, everlasting love.

Thanks for the post, Cecelia. Wonderful thoughts.

Anonymous said...


Great post. I can't wait to read Milk Money.

Wanda B. Campbell

Linda Beed said...

Your insight and words are so timely. Thanks for sharing.


Kandy Kane said...

Great post. I enjoyed it.

booklover said...

What an exciting and inspirational way to think of Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that, Cecelia. You've really given me something to think about.