Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blessed Thoughts from Iris Celeste

Real Love

I’ve searched for love most my life.

Thought I would find it in being a wife.

Thought I would find it in being a mother.

Though both are feelings like no other.

The love that I was searching for.

Was locked behind a metal door.

It was inside me all the while.

But had turned hard and hostile.

From years of disappointments and lies.

My love I learned to cover in disguise.

Never let them see you cry.

That was the principle that I lived by.

Although I cared, I pretended not.

‘Til one day I realized it was all a plot.

Designed and orchestrated by Satan, my foe.

To confuse me of everything I know.

That love was meant to be given away.

Only the truest will return one day.

As God demonstrated love by giving His son.

He established the convenant of how it begun.

Now my search is over and the victory’s been won.

I’ve found real love in The Anointed One.

Iris Celeste

About the Author

Iris Celeste is the author of the novel, Praise Your Way Through. She resides in Macon, Georiga with her family.

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ashea goldson said...

Nice poem, Iris, and so true, so true.

Ashea Goldson,
author of The Lovechild