Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interview with Author, Marilynn Griffith

Today I welcome back author Marilynn Griffith. She has a great new book and some other interesting happenings in her world.

Welcome back to Urban Christian Fiction Today, Marilynn. Great cover. Give us a synopsis of the book.

Thanks for having me back, Rhonda and thanks about the cover. I'm glad you like it. Here's a short synopsis on the story. Birkenstock meets Manolo. When a burned out mom and trying-to-conceive diva become neighbors, both wish for taller fences. Or at least some ear plugs. Can two very different women mend their fences for 21 days to get what they want? Or will three weeks change their lives forever?

Tell us about the inspiration for Mom’s the Word.

A Christian mom's organization was launching a fiction line and was interested in having me submit something. Having seven children of my own, I've spent a good deal of my life being a mom and being with moms, so I was excited. I sat down to just make some notes, but two friends emerged under my fingers very quickly. They meant everything to each other, raised their kids together, lived next to each other, prayed together...until one of them moved away. And then someone who is directly opposite and has no kids moves in. They can't stand each other, but they need each other. That was all I knew at first, but I had to know what would happen.

You had some of the best characters in your Sassysisterhood Series. Since this is another Steeple Hill Café novel can we expect more of the same fun?

Thanks Rhonda! You know I love Dana, Rochelle and Tracey from the Sassy Sistahood series! This book is a little different in tone though, maybe a little more grown? Perhaps closer to Happily Even After, I'd think, since that was a mom-focused story too.

Will we see these characters again?

As usual, I have no idea! We'll see... I really enjoyed them.

Steeple Hill Café’s novels can be very light on the “Christian”, often they’re more inspirational which is okay, too, but tell us what you’d like your readers to take away from this story.

I don't know if that's true of all Cafe's or just mine, but I've learned to just let the story be what it is. Sometimes that means it's loaded with scriptures and church scenes and sometimes it means a good story with people struggling with faith, forgiveness and friendship. It's usually the latter. :) I'd love for readers to walk away from Mom's the Word knowing that God knows... He knows who they are, where they've been and where they're going. He sees them and has a glorious plan, even if that plan sometimes looks to us like a disaster.

Share something personal going on in your world in 2009.

The biggest thing going on with me this year is SistahFaith, a conference and community birthed out of my personal friendships and the Sassy Sistahood series. Our first conference is May 2, 2009 here in Tallahassee, Florida and I'm looking forward to meeting many of my readers and reconnecting with friends. Join us at http://sistahfaith.ning/.

Other than that, my biggest news is that my daughter is graduating high school and my youngest is in kindergarten. So this year is definitely a transition. Thanks for asking.

What’s next for you Marilynn the author?

I just got the cover for SONGS OF DELIVERANCE, the follow-up to RHYTHMS OF GRACE. Songs will be out in the Fall, (Lord willing!) and after that will be the SistahFaith: Believing Beyond Shame anthology with stories from over 20 women of power, strength and grace. It's based on Tamar from II Kings who was raped by her brother Amnon. It will be released from Howard Books/Simon and Schuster.

Readers can find out more about Marilynn at

It was great having you again, Marilynn. Thanks for stopping by!




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As usual, it was a blast! Thanks for having me. :)


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