Monday, February 16, 2009

I've Been Nominated!

So, I found out last week that somebody thinks Urban Christian Fiction Today rocks! Literally, this blog has been nominated for the Black Book Clubs Rock Award for "Best Blogger". How cool is that?

Now let me tell you what's even cooler; my competition: APOOO Book Club (I hang out with Yasmin and her crew everyday), Christian Fiction Blogspot (Dee Stewart's Blog and you know she's my girl), Written Voices Blog (Ty Moody's site. Ty's one of my guest blogger), and there's All The Buzz (Renee does a great job, also). I'm so honored to be on the panel with friends. People I totally respect and actually appreciate being compared with. So who should you vote for? ME of course. Nah, just kidding. I'll celebrate with ladies either way. Vote your heart, but vote, okay.

Thanks so much Tiffany Jones from the Sistahconfessions Book Club for including me on the ballot.

Thanks for stopping by!




Anonymous said...


You rock!

Missy said...

I totally think it is a well deserved vote and I'll run right over to the site to cast my vote this eve when I get home....

Anonymous said...

You rock! Great blog.