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Nothing Is Too Hard For God Blog Tour - Day One

C. M. Jones is well on her way to becoming a household name. She has just completed her second publication, Nothing Is Too Hard for God, and launched a publishing company with her family, HortonJonesInc., that also mentors young writers. In addition she has begun to offer writing seminars and motivational speaking services. When asked about her endeavors, C. M. Jones has said that writing and mentoring is her ministry and she does it all to the glory of God.
Her debut novella, I Still Do, which was published through Author House but is now apart of the HortonJones, Inc. portfolio, sold thousands of copies in the United States and abroad. This Christian ficton writer indeed is no stranger to writing creative and inspiring stories. She began writing at the young age of eight years old while acting in her elementary school drama club. C. M. Jones has written countless poems, musicals and short stories that include themes of redemption, forgiveness and a real picture of the things that can happen in life, when you have faith in Jesus Christ.
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List your published books.
My first book was a novella, I Still Do, and my second book is a novel, Nothing Is Too Hard For God, and I am currently working on my third book, also a novel entitled, He Left Me.
Which book did you find the hardest to birth?
The hardest book to birth was my first book but I think it’s just because it was my first and I had so many questions about how to do certain things with the characters and the story itself.
Which book is your current favorite?
I don’t really have a favorite because I love them all but if I had to recommend one it would be, Nothing Is Too Hard For God. In that book I see my growth as a writer and my spiritual growth in the story line. My growth both spiritually and as a writer is very important to me.
How would you describe your writing style?
In my opinion, my writing style is spiritually-realistic, understandable, hearting, funny, suspenseful, and dramatic. However, I am more interested in knowing how the readers would describe my writing because feedback is the nourishment that writers live on.
Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what kind?
Yes, I do actually; I don’t work too well without my music. I listen to gospel and R &B. Usually any kind gospel soothes my soul but especially Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and old school hymns. When it comes to R&B, Beyonce really inspires me and not because of her music although I think she’s a great musician, but it’s because she seems so business-minded and determined. I wish more people in the Kingdom of God had that attitude.
Tell us anything about you as a writer that you think might be interesting or unusual.
Although I’ve always liked to write. I never thought about being a professional author. Every since I was three years old I have always wanted to be a lawyer and sometimes I still consider going to law school.
What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
The advice that I have for aspiring writers is to never give up on your dreams and don’t be discouraged by the long wait times from publishers to respond to your manuscripts. Most of all keep writing; write every day.
Writers are often encouraged to write what they know. Have you found that to be the case with your writing?
Although one or two of the plots in my stories may be about the things that I know the entire story is never completely about things that I know because, as a writer if I only write about the things that I know without ever venturing out to a subject that I have to do at least some research on, my writing could become redundant. So even if I wanted to keep the plot of my stories limited to things that I know about, which I do not, I would change the way I told my stories, such as the kinds of characters that I use, the location of the story and point of view. To accomplish this many times research is necessary.

About the Book
Nothing Is Too Hard for God is the sequel to the novella I Still Do. These three best friends are back to take you on a journey through their past and into their future. This book is full of truth, faith and testaments to what God can do when we submit our lives to Him. Do you want to know how God brought Deborah through her haunted past and into His saving grace? Would you like to know why Damien was disloyal to Karen and if their marriage can really survive after his affair? Last, but not least, if you want to know how Leslie’s heart went from being as cold as stone to being full of love, then you must read Nothing is too hard for God. Just when you think you have it all figured out, this novel will take another turn.
 C.M. Jones Shares an Excerpt from
Nothing is Too Hard For God

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Thanks for the blog tour stop. I appreciate the love!

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Umm sounds very interesting, I'm going to add this to my read and review list. I love the titles of all your books, but since you recommended NITHFMY I will start there...Thanks

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Thanks for supporting a fellow author today!

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Thank you so much for the reply's. I look forward to learning how much you liked the book!!!