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Love Found Me Blog Tour - Day 3

Love Found Me Blog Tour
"When a man’s ways please the LORD, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him." (Proverbs 16:7)
Vanessa Richardson is an author, poet, and playwright. Vanessa has written several stage productions and have been blessed to perform them at various venues. Her stage productions includes: Someone To Love Me, Why Do Bad Things Happens To Good People?, Lord, I Don’t Understand, and The Fullness Of Time.
Vanessa wrote her freshman nonfiction inspirational novel titled, The Certain Ones. A spiritual impacting novel that inspires her readers to know that not everyone are called into greatness. Fact: Many can not handle the process that goes along with becoming great. Only the certain ones, who endures; can obtain destined greatness. She is currently working on the second installment of her, Inspirational Suspense Love Series titled, Love Lifted Me.  Visit Vanessa online at

List your published books.
The Certain Ones: You’re not Forsaken.You’re Chosen for Purpose and Love Found Me.

Which book did you find the hardest to birth?
My labor pains were strong for both of my babies for different reasons obviously. The Certain Ones is based on true events in my life. I share my hurt and healing of dealing with Catamenial Pneumothorax. This is when a woman has her menses or period and in the span of twenty-four to seventy-four hours.  This is a women’s health issue affecting only 1% of women here in America. It made for a lonely journey because it’s so rare. 
Love Found Me, was difficult because of character development and writing consistency. Fiction is totally different from non-fiction.  Authors and artists should forever-- study to show themselves approved. I am ever studying and learning. It is a delight and treasure in doing so!

Which book is your current favorite? 
I love them both.  But, I have to say-- I am currently loving Love Found Me, it is delicious story of loving finding my characters, at the appointed time.  Tested Love of family, friends, self, relationships, and God over coming hidden forces.  

How would you describe your writing style?
My writing style in inspirational. I want readers to see what others don’t see. To paraphrase a quote: “Every dark cloud doesn’t mean it is going to rain. It only looks like it.”  The pain can often times makes us blind to our realities. When the reality is that through the pain, we often time gain “something.”   Only you know what that “something is.”  This is difficult for many to accept perhaps. But it is true.  
Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what kind?
I sometimes listen to music. Mainly because I forget to do so. It depends on the mood I am wearing. Sometimes I am meditative. So, I will put on the King of worship. Fred Hammond.  Right now I am loving; Monique Walker’s “Crazy Praise’, and Myron Butler’s “I Live.”  I am also a lover of classical music and soft jazz. 

Tell us anything about you as a writer that you think might be interesting or unusual.
What some people don’t know about me is that every year I like to dress up as Sally the Clown, do my silly dance and paint kids faces at our annual community parade. As Sally-I am able to observe people from a different stand point. Capturing their joyful emotions and often time scribing about them in my poetry, stage productions, or books.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Study and believe in yourself. Make sure it is what you are called to do. Develop a thick skin. Connect with those who can help you get to where you want to go. EDITING, is important.  Have a marketing plan. Research your publishing house, and have fun with it!

Writers are often encouraged to write what they know.
Have you found that to be the case with your writing? Yes for me it was so. Especially with Catamenial Pnuemothorax. I find there is a deeper level or connection when a person has actually experienced certain events. There is a difference between explaining and living what you write and for me acting. I am not saying to limit your writings. Read research, interview, and produce quality work. But the empathy of connecting with someone who’s been through what you’ve gone through and/or going through is an experience of wonderment and relief.
Resources about Catamenial Pneumothorax

About the Book
Mike Montgomery once lived the American dream. Gainfully employed, beautiful home, and a wonderful loving wife. Growing up in a loving family whose faith was unbreakable was his source of strength. Mike’s faith would one day be shaken after losing the love of his life in an unexpected tragedy. Mike thought he would never love again until he meets Sheila Lawson. Everything about Sheila made him want to love again. Could he risk his heart again?
Sheila Lawson, a woman’s health advocate was strong and independent, yet something was missing in her life. Immersing herself in her work, she vowed off any relationships. Sheila would find her self-made decree shaken when she meets tall, dark, and handsome Mike Montgomery. There is an evil lurking in the shadows. Mike and Sheila will have to unite to overcome evil forces trying to keep them apart. Will their love be enough to see them through the testing of their faith?
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