Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Someone To Love Me - Blog Tour

Nicole S. Rouse developed a passion for writing at a young age. Nicole graduated from Temple University, with a Bachelor of Science in Early and Elementary Education. As a classroom teacher, Nicole took every opportunity to incorporate her appreciation of various forms of writing into the curriculum. She became a member of the Northern Virginia Writing Project, where she promoted and encouraged writing in mathematics. Nicole was a founding member of a literacy team that created plays for students to perform and developed workshops for parents to help their children excel. Happily Ever Now (Urban Christian, 2007) is her debut novel and has ranked consistently on the Top 25 Christian Independent Publishers Best Sellers list. Happily Ever Now received the EDC Creations 2008 Best Book Award. Her sophomore novel, Someone to Love Me (Urban Christian) was picked up by the Black Expressions Book Club® before its June 2009 release date.

Someone to Love Me, released in June by Urban Christian Publishing. Someone to Love Me shows the complexities of dealing with the after effects of an affair. The book follows the lives of Jerome Thomas and Taylor Belle, two characters introduced in Happily Ever Now (Urban Christian, 2007). Jerome Thomas has made many mistakes, which affected his family. But the one mistake he has the most trouble coping with is cheating on his wife. Taylor Belle has asked for God's forgiveness for her part in the affair, but a marriage to a wonderful man and having four beautiful children doesn’t keep Taylor from contacting Jerome to officially bring closure to their past transgressions.

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