Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interview with author, Shawneda Marks

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my friend and writing buddy, Shawneda Marks. Shawneda is a member of the writers group I'm in here in Atlanta. I got to peek at It's In My Blood during the early stages of it's development and it held much promise. I look forward to getting my copy and seeing how the story progressed.

Hello Shawneda.(I'll forgo calling you by your nickname this one time).  Introduce yourself to my readers. Hello readers, it all started on a farm in Mississippi three generations ago…kidding kidding. I’m a word lover whose been writing as long as I can recall. My favorite writing is creative writing: fiction, poetry and songs.

Tell us in your words what an author activist is. Activist author is someone who writes to inspire readers into action. In my case it is also someone who publishes books to hopefully add something to the readers’ life and deserving charitable organizations related to the focus of the book. Each of my books will have a portion of the net proceeds going to charities.

It’s In My Blood. Great title. What’s it about? It’s in My Blood is about an HIV positive young lady who is forced to go home by the circumstances in her life. Her short trip to garner her Dad’s wisdom becomes an appointment with destiny.

You’re releasing this novel on December 1st, World Aids Day. Tell us why that’s significant to you? Awareness about living with HIV/AIDS is a major part of this story. Rosalyn the main character is someone’s daughter, mother and friend. It was important to release the book on this day in honor of those who are living with and have lost their lives to complications caused by this disease.

Shawneda, you’re a busy wife, mother, employee , etc. All the stuff that makes this author stuff tough. Tell me how you balance it all and what do you say to a woman out there who’s trying to make her dreams come true, but feels like she can’t push past the family and work obligations?
It’s cheesy but I have a theme song “It’s the God in me” by Mary Mary. Before I’m any of these things I’m God’s. My day begins and ends with intercession and prayer. I turn my day over to Him and ask Him to enable me to get everything done in decency, order and excellence. I also rely heavily on support from my immediate family…my husband is very supportive. I do a lot of multi tasking and am reembracing an important word…no!

Besides Jesus, who inspires you? My mom Bernadette Thompson is my biggest inspiration. We lost my dad last year and her strength has really taught me something about love, fortitude and hope. Instead of falling apart she’s become stronger.

What’s your next project? I’m currently working on two projects Diamond Butterfly, a devotional for teen and adult women who have experienced emotional trauma and My True Essence a novel about how triple negative breast cancer impacts the lives of three friends.

Where can readers find you on the Internet? Easiest way to connect with me is to go to a link to the social media sites I frequent and my website community is there!


Shawneda Marks said...

Thanks for interviewing me. I hope readers enjoy "getting to know me" and look forward to returning the pleasure of interviewing you on Faithful Folios Web TV review show on December 15th.

asheagold said...

Way to go, Shawneda! Just a few more days.

La Monica said...

Congrats Shawneda on a great interview. I love that you're committed to inspiring readers to action and shining the light on issues impacting our communities.