Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Release Event for Secrets and Lies

 Are you in the Atlanta area or close? My debut novel, Secrets and Lies will be released on November 24th. That's less than six days away. 

I'm celebrating by inviting friends to the book release party my family is planning. We'd love to see you there. 

Date: Saturday, December 5th 
Time: 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Big Miller Grove Baptist Church
3800 Big Miller Grove Way
Lithonia, GA 

RSVP or email questions to publicity (at) rhondamcknight (dot) net

It’s hard enough to keep a secret without telling a lie, but when you’re married it’s almost impossible. In Secrets and Lies, the Morgan’s marriage is collapsing under the weight of both. Against the backdrop of old memories, new enemies, and a plot for revenge this intense drama unfolds addressing several relationship issues; communication, honesty and trust among them.

The story takes readers into the complex mind of Dr. Jonah Morgan, a man who’s dedicated his life to physically healing children, but he’s emotionally and spiritually sick himself. And can his wife, Faith, keep the “faith” after Jonah’s accused of the unthinkable? Or when a woman’s fed up, is she truly fed up?

Learn more at SecretandLiestheNovel or at my website  and please, sign my guestbook. I'd love to know you stopped by. 




Sharon Ball said...

Looking forward to your big debut! :-) Not much longer now...

David A. Bedford said...

Sorry I can't be there (too far away from Texas), but your book looks intriguing. I'll be on the lookout for it in my area. It is heartening to know about other authors who write from a Christian perspective. My newly released novel, Angela 1: Starting Over, is not African-American but one of the main characters is, a talented and loyal friend of the main character. The friends get along fine most of the time, but occasionally the realities that burden African Americans enters the dynamic of relationship and they must find a way to deal with it thoughtfully, considerately and humbly and remain friends. If interested in knowing more, just click on my name and follow the link to my website. Thanks!