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The Love Child Blog Tour - Day One

Meet Ashea Goldson, author of The Lovechild

Ashea Goldson, originally born in Brooklyn, NewYork  is a wife of twenty three years, a mother of two daughters, a grandmother of one, a  graduate of Fordham University, a writer, a poet, a publisher, a reviewer, an internet radio host, an educator, and a co-founder of a Christian preparatory school. Active in the ministry, she is a dedicated member of World Changers Church International for many years. She has a lifetime of experience with writing which ranges from being published in local newspapers, magazines, and online  publications to full length books.
Her first Christian fiction novel is The Lovechild, published by Urban Christian Publishers in 2008. Ashea’s short story entitled “The Kit Cat Trial” will be released in an anthology named Pets Across America in September 2009. Her second Christian fiction novel, Joy Comes In The Morning, will be released in July 2010, also by Urban Christian Publishers.  She has recently released a non-fiction title, Resurrecting Vision: 45 steps To Digging Up Your Destiny And Seeing It Through God’s Eyes through her own publishing company.
Calling herself a kingdom writer, and passionate about this calling, she is currently working on her third novel, random poems, several short stories, a children’s book, and is organizing a literacy group for youth in her community. During her relaxation time she can be found hanging out with her family, snuggled up to a good book, or listening to gospel music.

List your published books.
The Lovechild, Resurrecting Vision, (and currently in production, Joy Comes In The Morning)

Which book did you find the hardest to birth?

Undoubtedly,The Lovechild because it’s my first novel and also my first traditionally published work.

Which book is your current favorite?

Joy Comes In the Morning
Tell us a little about this book.
Joy Comes In The Morning deals with self-condemnation vs. God's agape love, and restoration. Sister Alex Carter is a good woman and seemingly a pillar of spiritual strength, working diligently in the ministry, trying to help everyone, yet she is unable to help or forgive herself. In fact, she is really a ticking time bomb. Although the one thing she wants more than anything else is to marry her fiancé Deacon Joshua Bennings, a Bishop’s son and the church’s most eligible bachelor, she can’t seem to escape a mistake from her own past.
Alex learns to fight, striking a moral indictment against the church, debating to right the wrongs of hypocrisy, and competing with a flirtatious church sister for the man she loves. She’s also holding onto a job that’s pulling her further away from the will of God for her life and trying to block an old lover’s  selfish attempt to expose her.
As Alex wrestles to hang onto her spotless reputation, her pre-packaged life begins to unravel, bringing her to the brink of losing everything she has worked so hard for. Despite her adversity, she ultimately discovers through Christ, no matter how dark it gets, joy always comes in the morning.

How would you describe your writing style?

I would describe my writing style as relaxed contemporary.
Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what kind?

Sometimes I use soft gospel or jazz to soothe me and sometimes I use it to soothe me when I’m writing. It can put me in a certain mood. I prefer instrumentals.
Tell us anything about you as a writer that you think might be interesting or unusual.
I subconsciously put my writing career on hold for many years while focusing on my family. Then after receiving a revelation on the purpose and perfect will of God for my life, I threw myself back into writing at full force.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

1.    Believe in yourself, no matter how discouraged you may become. Persevere, by writing, until the end.
2.    Complete a manuscript, even if it’s the roughest draft. Just get the story down on paper and proceed to fix it at that point.
3.    Find a local or online writers group for support, possible critiques, and/or information. Writing can be a lonely profession. Seek out others who are on the same path.
4.    Study, study, study the craft of writing so that you can produce the best possible quality work at all times. This study also includes industry trends and formats.
Writers are often encouraged to write what they know. Have you found that to be the case with your writing?
That is true to some extent, but I tend to write about characters who may have familiar personality traits, but who may be in unfamiliar places and circumstances. I thrive on the mystery of the unknown. 


In The Lovechild, Makaeli Hunt, a successful fashion designer, has been driven far away from home by her family’s dysfunction. While living in Italy, trying to heal the wounds of yesterday, ambition becomes her comforter. When a family emergency forces her to return to her home, in seven life altering days, amidst  memories of a tumultuous past, will one revealed secret drive her away from her family and God forever? Or will she discover what it means to be God’s lovechild?

Dealing with issues of racism, depression, self-esteem, drug addiction, mental illness, verbal and physical abuse,The Lovechild is a story of redemption and re-dedication, confirming our victory in Jesus Christ.

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I find myself going back over little things with I can hone that later.

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