Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing....Rhonda McKnight, Part I

I’m doing something different this Sunday. I’m going to talk about myself. Seems a little shallow, but I get so many emails asking me about myself, my upcoming book release, what I like to read that I decided it was time for me to introduce myself to the readers who visit Urban Christian Fiction Today (UCFT).

So, hello, I'm Rhonda McKnight, author, free-lance editor and your host here on UCFT blog.

First let me say, I really appreciate you taking time to read this blog. When I began blogging I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but people kept telling, blog and get an Internet presence. I knew this was important, but the idea of taking time to write blog post a few times a week was overwhelming. I mean, honestly, I write fiction, I write at work, write, write, write. I didn’t want to do it. So I prayed about it and one day I was at my doctor’s office waiting to be seen and I overheard someone on her cell phone telling a friend she wanted a good book for her daughter-in-law. It was her birthday and she wanted something that wasn’t filled with cussing or sex. I wanted to jump up and down screaming, I know just the right book! But I waited until she finished her phone conversation. I approached her and told her I overheard her talking, and offered her a brochure for Sherri Lewis’ book My Soul Cries Out. She read it and asked where she could get the book. I told her any bookstore, but then I remembered the copy I had in the trunk of my car and offered to get her one that was signed. (Great birthday gift right.) She purchased it of course, but told me she had never known black authors were writing Christian Fiction.

After my appointment, I decided to push Sherri’s book a little more, I handed brochures to the front desk staff. They quickly browsed, thanked me and told me they had never heard of Christian Fiction. As I walked out of the office I was troubled, because there are great Christian Fiction books coming out every day. That’s when the Holy Spirit said, “Promote the genre.” I knew in that instant what I would begin to blog about, and well here we are.

So now you know three things about me… 1) Why I started Urban Christian Fiction Today, 2) that I’m not shy, in fact I can be a little pushy and 3) I eavesdrop on other people’s phone conversations. More of my story to be continued on Wednesday…

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Anonymous said...

Eavesdropping on the phone. You couldn't help it. Cell phone conversations are public domain as far as I'm concerned and look how great it turned out for her. I know she enjoyed Ms. Lewis's book, because it was really good.

Glad you finally told us something about yourself. I'm one of those pesky people who wanted to know more. Looking forward to part II.

Kim Hutchinson