Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Review - The Someday List

“Someday” I'm going to give Stacy Hawkins Adams a big hug for writing this awesome story. While I acknowledge the Lord inspires Christian Fiction authors, the artist is one who actually toils to bring the work to the pages of a book. Stacy Hawkins Adams efforts were not in vain. The characters of Rachelle and Gabe Covington, Aunt Irene and Melba, Uncle Charles and Troy reminded me of people in my own life. They were real family and friends that I loved, and rooted for as I turned each and every page. The quaint city of Jubilant was a refreshing change, as so many African-American novels are set in urban cities. I can see why Rachelle made the journey there. It made me want to sell my house and move to place where life felt simpler. That’s good writing.

As the symbol of purpose and destiny, the “someday list” itself, served the story well. I have a list of goals and I have timelines to complete them. I check my schedule a few times a year to see if I’m on task. Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not, but I am the quintessential list person. However, there was something different about the “someday list” in this novel, even for a planner like myself. Something I describe as the spiritual fiber that may not always exist in our list of to do’s and to accomplish.

The Someday List made me think about myself and my life. The life lessons were hard to miss. I’m hard pressed to believe anyone would close its pages and not feel the same way. So I give this book the highest review I can assign, because not only did I enjoy it, I was challenged. In my opinion that’s the role of literature, to shape our conscious thinking and inspire our actions in a way that also entertains us. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who feels the same.


Missy said...

I was on the fence with whether to buy or not to buy this book. So many times you have books that don't live up to ALL the hype. But I've read so many good things about "The Someday List" that I'm running to Amazon or my local book store this weekend to get it.

After reading the review posted here I'm convicted to buy this book. I trust Rhonda and because of her review I'm no longer on the fence.

Stay in His grip

Anonymous said...

Very nice review. I liked this authors last book, Watercolored Pearls. I have to get this one and see what the magic of the list is.

Kim Hutchinson