Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interview with author, Stephanie Perry Moore

Today, I welcome back author, Stephanie Perry Moore. Stephanie has two exciting new book series that I know you’ll look forward to sharing with the young readers in your life.

The first book in the series is titled, Finding Your Faith.

Welcome back, Stephanie. Tell us about the Yasmin Peace series. Thanks for having me back. I’m so excited about this new series. Yasmin is an 8th grader from the inner-city in Jacksonville , Florida who is trying to get her world in order. She is a triplet; it’s herself and two brothers. All three are very strong willed and extremely different. They are being raised by a single mom, holding down three jobs to take of them. Their father is incarcerated. At the start of the series, they have just come back from burying their older brother.

Book 1

I view it as a modern day Good Times. Though the Peace family struggles with not having much material wealth they find much joy and love as they face their problems together. There is peace during the storms of life if you just look for the positive in your situations.

Sounds extremely interesting and so timely for our young people. With respect to our young people, you’ve written for pre-teens, teens and even college age young adults, who is this series targeted to? This series is written for middle school aged kids and high school students. The series is bridge between middle school and high school. It deals with feeling good about one ’s self regardless of what others think of you. It also is about doing the right thing. Young people 12-15 years old will really relate to the storyline, but of course all can enjoy it.

Book 2

What would you like young people to learn from this series? Young people often admire and want what they don’t have. I pray this series teaches every reader that what you have is plenty. It’s okay to desire more, but be a good steward over what you have. If you don’t treasure the gifts God has bestowed on you, you could look up and they could be gone. The other big lesson in this series is God is there in the tough times and He will see you through.

Book 3

My son loved your Perry Skky, Jr. series. Anything in the future for young men?
Again, with the two brothers, York the street King, and Yancy the scholastic prince, as well as Yasmin’s next door neighbor and best friend, Myrek, who is the basketball stud. Young men will get a lot out of this series as well.

I'm glad to hear that. I'll make sure to share the first book with him. What’s next for Stephanie Perry Moore? My other new series I’m so blessed and happy to release is called the Beta Gamma Pi series. It is about a fictional sorority set on a college campus. Like the Yasmin books it will be a five books series as well. The series will teach young people about leadership, sisterhood, higher education, Christian principals and public service. Work What You Got is the first book, and the world of pledging has many twists and turns in this sassy novel.
Stephanie - we'll make sure to highlight this series next month. Sounds like an excellent option for our teen ladies who love to read about college life. How exciting.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
At this is detailed info on my books as well as a link to write me. I loved to hear from your readers and I thank you for allowing me to talk about the new series I pray will bless many.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Stephanie.

To read more about Stephanie's other series please read her interview at from last summer by clicking here

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You are so good at connecting with your readers. How wonderful to see you have more stories coming out for these young hearts. Keep them coming!
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