Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blessed Thoughts from Iris Celeste

The Hidden Talent

As I look back over my life I wasted so many years trying to fill a void with worldly possessions and meaningless accomplishments. That great office job, the perfect piece of furniture, the latest outfit, a budding new relationship…all to no avail. Eventually, after the newness wore off they all left me feeling empty—incomplete. I drifted aimlessly and with no direction or joy to speak of. The day-to-day grind was becoming intolerable. In time I became sick and tired of merely existing and not truly living life to the fullest. So I prayed and asked God for revelation. Why am I here?

The instant the prayer left my lips God gave me a wake up call (be careful what you pray for). I shockingly came to the humbling conclusion that nothing was about me. My life was not my own to claim. I was born with a purpose…on assignment for Him. God had impregnated me with a special talent. But it was up to me to birth the baby and bring it to life. Reluctantly, I started aligning my will with His will. It didn’t come easy. The laboring was hard; demanding even, and thrust me out of my comfort zone. I wanted desperately to resist and run back to the familiar. But discontentment wouldn’t allow me.

God amazingly ordered my steps, even when I refused to move my feet. He opened doors and provided opportunities to expose my talent. Not publicly at first, but to my own consciousness. I soon came to realize nothing God ever blesses us with is for us alone. My gifting wasn’t for me to keep to myself nor to hide. But to be a benefit for others. Standing on shaky, unsteady legs I stepped out on faith to uncover my true calling and with that came my life’s fulfillment. At last, the void had been sealed permitting the unveiling of the me I was destined to be. Are you too searching for your purpose in life? A reason for being? The answer is closer than you think.

Iris Celeste, Author
Praise Your Way Through

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