Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Revenge, Inc. by Keleigh Criger Hadley

Revenge, Inc.

This gripping page-turner from Christian Fiction author Keleigh Crigler Hadley shows that all it takes is one bad decision for everything to change.

Cherise Holder's hell on earth begins on her 26th birthday. Unable to cope with a heart shattering loss, she gives in to a familiar addiction. Forced to attend AA meetings, Cherise befriends fellow alcoholics; Stuart, a disgraced banker, Greyson, a bitter cheerleader and Araceli, a broken teenager with an infamous parent.

An opportunity arises, and the foursome decide to work together to correct past wrongs in each of their lives. Their ingenious plan to get revenge works - too well and this is only the beginning. They find the electrifying high of revenge, more addictive than anything they've ever experienced.

Cherise assumes that revenge will put out the fire in her heart, but she finds that it just makes her rage burn brighter. She begins to believe that revenge is a dish best served over and over again.

Revenge Inc. mesmerizes as it takes you from the barrio to the hills of Hollywood. Along the way, it exposes what the lust for revenge does to your heart, mind and soul.

Keleigh Crigler Hadley truly believes that faith and fiction are a match made in heaven. She wrote her first short story in the 7th grade and fell in love with the craft.
She is the author of Revenge, Inc. and the young adult series, Preacher’s Kids. She has also written a nonfiction journal called, One Day at a Time. Recently, she contributed to Reshonda Tate Billingsely’s  award winning anthology, The Motherhood Diaries.
 She pens her soulful stories from her home in the San Fernando Valley. She is constantly learning, growing and pushing the limits in the field of writing.

What was the inspiration for Revenge, Inc.?

 The idea started with one of the last scenes in the book. I won’t give it away but, I just had a vision of a desperate, mental power struggle. From that thought, the whole book came about.

I wanted to put together an unlikely group of friends. A stripper, a banker, a cheerleader and an angry teenager. Pretty different right? Then I thought, what could they possibly have in common? Where do people come together from divergent walks of life. Church? Work? The Club? Nope. AA. Alcoholics Anonymous.

I did a TON of research on the organization and almost went to a meeting but I felt that might be exploitive. But I did find out that when people have hit rock bottom, AA is a resource that can get them sober again.

So I had to take my characters and make them hit the bottom. I threw everything I could think of at them to make them desperate enough to lose themselves in alcohol. Then I took alcohol away and replaced that addiction with the lust for revenge. They became revengeaholics. 

Revenge, Inc is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords and iBooks at iTunes 

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