Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Decent Proposal by Donna Deloney

Can money conquer all? Or will love get in the way? 

Andrew Perry is days away from losing the shelter he created for teen runaways . Without a new source of funding, the work he was dedicating his life to will be forfeited. He urgently prays for a way out. 

Wealthy socialite Vanessa Carson—Andy’s ex—has a dilemma. In order to inherit her family’s vast estate, and to protect her family’s non-profit foundation, she has to be married by her thirtieth birthday—ten days from now. 

Vanessa approaches her former love with an unusual proposal: if he agrees to marry her for a year, she will fund his ministry for years to come. Desperate, Andy reluctantly agrees to the marriage—in name only. 

But there are those who will do anything to drive the couple apart—and those who want nothing more than to keep them together. With their faith, fortunes, and futures inexplicably intertwined, Andy and Vanessa must decide what is most important to them, and whether it is worth the cost. 

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