Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My True Essence by Shawneda Marks

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My True Essence

An Excerpt

Chapter One

“I’m not sure I understand exactly what it is you mean?” Rebecca’s demeanor fell as she held the phone. Dani released Rebecca’s long tresses from the flat iron and placed the instrument back in the oven.
Rebecca placed one finger in the air. She pointed to the frosted glass doors and rose from the salon chair. Dani’s Diva Den was her place of refuge. Whenever she had a hard week or an unbearable client, she made an appointment with the on-site masseuse. If she wanted to get spruced up for a night on the town with Colby she would let Dani tame her exotic curls to complement her heart shaped face.
The modern colors and bright salon chairs lost their luster a bit as she stepped out onto the hot Houston sidewalk. Oblivious to the odd stares of the pedestrians who shook their heads at her half curly, wet hair and half thick, pressed hair, her focus stayed on the call. She pressed the cell phone so close to her ear it pinched the back of her ear.
“You can’t think this is funny, Mama. You’ve never been one to play practical jokes. I know I haven’t come to see you like I promised but this is unnecessary. I’ll fly home next week. Let me clear my calendar.”Rebecca’s voice caught in her throat. “I don’t believe you. That’s impossible. Aunt Marisol can’t have breast cancer. It doesn’t even run in our family. I need to call you back.”
Dani opened the doors and waved for Rebecca to come back inside. Rebecca knew her legs were moving but didn’t know how. Breast cancer was something that happened to other people’s families.
Not hers. The people in her family were healthy eaters and active. It didn’t make sense. She had to figure out a way to fix this.
“Is everything all right?” Dani sat Rebecca back down in her chair, picking up the hair she released before Rebecca walked out of the salon. She blew on the irons before she passed them over the strands of her hair. Click here to read more.

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