Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crowing Glory by Pat Simmons

About the Book

Cinderella had a prince; Karyn Wallace has a King.

While Karyn served four years in prison for an unthinkable crime, she embraced salvation through Crowns for Christ outreach ministry. After her release, Karyn stays strong and confident, despite the stigma society places on ex-offenders. Since Christ strengthens the underdog, Karyn refuses to sway away from the scripture, "He who the Son has set free is free indeed."

Levi Tolliver, for the most part, is a practicing Christian. One contradiction is he doesn't believe in turning the other cheek. He's steadfast there is a price to pay for every sin committed, especially after the untimely death of his wife during a robbery. Then Karyn enters Levi's life. He is enthralled not only with her beauty, but her sweet spirit until he learns about her incarceration. If Levi can accept that Christ paid Karyn's debt in full, then a treasure awaits him.

Award-winning author Pat Simmons delivers another powerful tale and reminds readers of the permanency of redemption.

From the Author

Cinderella not only had a prince, but lost a crystal slipper. I found it!

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Pat Simmons said...

Thank you Rhonda for the mention!!
I appreciate it.
Pat Simmons

JaPulp said...

It's a really nice cover picture. ^_^