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The Retreat by Dijorn Moss

Exciting new read... The Retreat by Dijorn Moss

Dijorn, introduce yourself to my readers. I am a proud husband and father. My wife Trinea and I are going on our sixth year in marriage and my son Caleb is 7 months old. My life has changed dramatically since becomin g a father. I use to spend my days off writing for anywhere between 12-14 hours. Now I have to work within a reasonable time frame so that I do not shortchange my family. I love to read, I love to write and I love to spend time with my family and friends. I know that I plenty of material to draw from with my family.

Tell us about The Retreat and the inspiration behind it. The retreat was inspired by my first men's retreat. I was blown away by how real Christian men get when there are no women around and it is just God and your brother next to you. So my story focuses on four men from different walks of life who attend a weekend Men's retreat and what they discover about themselves and about each other. Better yet, i like to summarize the Retreat like a movie: A vengeful business man, a single father, a religious nut and a car thief all met at a weekend retreat.

What message would you like readers to take away from the story? I want for men to be inspired and for them to reexamine their relationship with God. I want for them to start living their lives according to the principles of the Bible and strive to be a Man of God and not a Man of the world. I also want for women to have a better understanding of what Christian men struggle with and how they can help the men of their lives become all that God wants them to be!

What came first the characters or the story? Share a little about your writing process. The story came first, but I consider the Retreat to be a character driven story. I think in the end great stories have memorable characters. People may not be able to tell you what the Color Purple was about, but they do remember the characters and their famous lines. Also when I begin the process of rewriting I start first with a character draft. I devote a whole draft to the main characters of the story. i make sure that their journey makes sense and that their motivations for their actions are logical.

Advice for aspiring writers? Overcome rejection. A lot of times the different from the aspiring and the achieved is that one took rejection as a milstone tied around their neck while the other saw rejection as a stepping stone to where they want to be!

What’s next for Dijorn Moss? I am blessed to be apart of the Home Again anthology so right now I am promoting both Home Again and The Retreat while finishing my next novel. I am also working on my next play as well as my first real screenplay. I am all about growth and expansion. God willing you will see another novel from me in 2012.

How can my readers find you on the Internet? and if facebook had a refrigerator stocked with food, Facebook would be my second home.

About the Book

For those who have ever wondered what goes on at a men's retreat, The Retreat is an in-depth look into the lives of four men who have looked for answers in all the wrong places . . . until now.

Quincy is in the final stages of his divorce, but he still wants to know which church member had an affair with his wife. Jamal is on the verge of the promotion of a lifetime, but unresolved issues with his son, Jamir, threaten everything. Chauncey is a man who will go to great lengths for his church, but not for his terminally ill brother. Will is a young hustler who has been given a rare opportunity to make a choice that will change his life forever.

These four men are all at a crossroads in their lives. Will they lay their burdens down at the cross, or will they choose paths that will cause more harm than good? It will all be revealed at the men's retreat, where they learn that they need God and his wisdom more than ever.

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