Monday, March 28, 2011

A Piece of Revenge by Rhonda McKnight (E- book)

I've joined the ranks of authors published in e-book format. Yay! I'm so excited.

Last summer "A Woman's Revenge" (a collection of novellas by Tiffany L. Warren, Sherri Lewis and myself) was published through our independent publishing company 3 Sisters Books. We have decided to independently publish our stories as e-book titles.

Short Description

A newlywed discovers she's married the wrong man when the funds for her non-profit organization are missing and so is he. She employs a private detective to help. Will he save all including her heart?

Extended Description

Where do broken hearts go? If you’re Tamera Watson…to the pawn shop to buy a gun. Tamera Watson’s husband is gone and so is her life savings and all the corporate grant funds for a non-profit program for underprivileged kids. With the last of her pennies she pays a private detective to hunt him down, so she can gun him down. When she finds him will she be able to pull the trigger? Or will the God of her heart stop her before she lets her desire for revenge take her too far.

A Piece of Revenge is availabe at, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords. The price is $2.99


Missy said...

A Woman’s Revenge
Tiffany Warren, Sherri Lewis, and Rhonda McKnight
A Woman's Revenge is a collection of three confronting short stories, that's not short on ideas or characters. It's an effective display of why "we are to follow the Lord Jesus' command to "Love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us" (Matthew 5:44), leaving the vengeance to God."

Tiffany Warren opens the curtain with a "Slim Chance" as Nadine Robinson leaves her Georgia condo in the hands of her sister for 365 days to pursue a life altering decision; gastric bypass surgery things aren't what they use to be. Her decision to leave town without communicating her intentions to her loved ones quickly prove to be the wrong answer.
Upon her return to town and her old life she receives no support from her mom or dad regarding her decision and the love of her life is engage to her best friend. In Nadine's mind if she dropped much of her 300lbs Jamel would marry her. Like Nadine we believe God can do a mighty thing but we don't believe He will.

Exits Nadine and enters Sabrina Rogers, who treats her relationship with God like a bath. Which she only engage in when she's dirty or sore. Fortunately for Sabrina His grace is sufficient and His word is never returned void, God continues to offer new mercies every day. "The Sweet Taste of Revenge" is a story of young love. As an assistant; in more ways than one to Blake Harrison who's in the running to becoming partner in the firm where he works Sabrina dreams of her life as Mrs Blake Harrison. Estranged from family and friends her relationship with Blake takes a turn she never expects and with no one close to talk to, Sabrina reminiscence on times spent with her good friend Janine. As the story unfolds Blake ask Sabrina to marry him. With an engagement ring and a promise of marriage, Sabrina is on cloud 9; that is until she realizes she isn't the only future Mrs. Harrison. Even when she couldn't be Nadine's friend Janine was praying for her and as you know prayer changes things. In full revenge mode Sabrina begins to feel bad for Blake and starts to think the 10 steps to revenge plan.

Exits Sabrina and enters Tamera Watson, in "A Piece of Revenge" I had to ask myself what's a wife to do when her husband connive her out of not only her money but grant funding which was to be used towards her dream. Do you get even or go get your money? Tamera decides to go get her money and along the way she meets Kemuel Powers of Powers Investigations. She hires him to help her make sense of the mess Leon her husband has made for her. Unable to believe what her best friend and a cop already knows Tamera heads home to see if her husband's favorite jersey is in his closet. Once the closet door is opened she doesn't have to look for the shirt her mind sends an instant message to her heart. She immediately knows he is gone along with her $180,000.

Throughout each story A Woman's Revenge never waste words and never flowering up simple ideas. The storyline flowed and the characters were strong and stayed true to who they are. Even if you usually wouldn't consider a collection of stories; this is a must read and remember longer isn't necessarily better.

Readers Paradise
5 book marks
review written 8/7/2010

Missy said...

This is our August BOTM - I'm so excited and cannot wait to discuss it with our group.