Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AN INCONVENIENT FRIEND - Have you read this book?

It may be 2011, but it's not too late to read the best of 2010!

AN INCONVENIENT FRIEND by yours truly, Rhonda McKnight was voted the best of the best for 2010!

It's always nice for your work to be acknowledged as the best. An Inconvenient Friend is #14 on the list of best Christian/Faith Based Books by the Sankoka Literary Society. Click the link Black Pearls Magazine.  to see the entire list.

Here's what others are saving about the book (content below is an excerpt from the original review. Please click on the website for the review to read the full review):

AALBC - Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah
Is This What Friends Are For?

This novel is a great follow-up to McKnight's debut novel, Secrets and Lies. The protagonist, Samaria Jacobs returns as a nurse set on seducing still another rich but married doctor. But this time, she's the star of the show and the author has completely developed this character as more than a heathen and a home-wrecker. Drama, Drama, Drama; this story is full of it and I loved it!

APOOO BookClub - Reviewed by Jennifer Coissiere

I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. For a moment, I had a look into the mind and life of “the other woman.” Even though I do not condone another person coming between a husband and wife, I understood the reason Samaria did what she was doing. I recommend An Inconvenient Friend to readers of Christian fiction or inspirational fiction. - Reviewed by Cheryl Francis

I loved this book!! Rhonda McKnight is a great author and I look forward to reading more books by her! I found this book at the Black Expressions website. I looked at the cover and thought it looked like a great book. The woman on the front looked to me like a nice church going woman--boy was I ever wrong!

Samaria Jacobs has a married lover named Gregory Preston who is a doctor. She said she understood how the cheating thing worked and there were two categories (P.7) "The first was what I called "something different." .... "The second category, and the one I preferred to be, was the new model". She met Gregory at a sports bar. She didn't think he would be interested but she pushed him because he was upset over a patient. She got him and had him for six months. She wanted to be more than just the woman on the side. (p.25). He did help her with her bills, but of course she wanted more.

Gregory's wife Angelina had a feeling that something was up. He was getting a lot of phone calls at odd times and worked more hours. She would also find lipstick stains on his collar and smell fresh woman's perfume on him. Samaria got to be good friends with Gregory's wife because she joined a church group and got involved in a big project. She even made up a fake name-Rae Burns.

No good can come out of getting so close to your lover's wife. She wanted to find out more about her so she could do everything she could to get Gregory closer to her, but then she started to really like Angelina. Samaria is a cold hearted woman. I can't believe the lengths she went to in order to try to tear Gregory and his wife apart.

You need to read this book to see how it ends.

And so do you! Please get your copy today. You won't regret it. Visit me at my website to read an excerpt and for links to order the book.

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Michelle Sutton said...

Hey, coolio! My book Never Without Hope made the best books list for 2010 for this site, too! I still need to read your latest book. I am SO behind in my reading!