Thursday, October 08, 2009

Prodigal...coming soon

Phylicia Morgan and Phoebe Cox are twin sisters whose relationship has
been tumultuous since the womb. As they grow into womanhood the
tension between them boils over as they both share an identical love for the same man.

The Reverend Gary Morgan is a devoted husband, a caring father, and
most of all, a pious man of God. He's spent his entire life burying an
intimate mistake in his past but the moment he walks in on his wife,
Phylicia, arguing with her estranged twin sister, his buried memories begin
rapidly surfacing.

This retelling of the Biblical story the Prodigal son adds a dramatically
modern twist to the separation of the siblings and their eventual return back into God’s fold.

Prodigal in stores Nov 09
Available for pre-order at

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