Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interview with author, Monique Miller

Introduce yourself to my readers.
Hi!  My name is Monique Miller and I am a Christian Fiction author.  I’ve been writing for seven years.  Many people have different hobbies or things they like to do to relax.  For me writing is my outlet.  I love to write and really love creating characters that can give people hope and inspiration.
Tell us about your novel, Redemption Lake.
During an exclusive seven day marriage retreat, secluded in the mountains of North Carolina, three couples gather in last ditch attempts to save their troubled marriages.  Can these couples pick up the pieces and move on?  Will all be forgiven and forgotten?  See what happens when marital secrets are exposed and all hits the fan.
The excerpt on your website is great.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know these characters. (Especially Charlotte, LOL). How difficult was it to write about three couples?
The story actually ends with the reader getting to know four couples—the three couples who attend the retreat and Phillip and Shelby Tomlinson from my first two novels.  It wasn’t hard creating my characters and giving them their own distinct voice and characteristics, what was hard was trying to make sure the reader wouldn’t get lost as to who’s point of view I was writing about.  I ended up doing as Ernest J. Gaines did in A Gathering of Old Men. For the most part I told the story from each person's point of view without jumping back and forth between characters. 
I like the idea that the pastor’s marriage is in trouble. Tell us why you decided to “go there” with a pastor having marital trouble.
I think many times people think that the grass is greener on the other side, especially when it comes to people of the cloth and or people who may be well-to-do.  The fact is that trouble can knock on anyone’s door, even a pastor’s.  The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy.  And who more does the devil want to attack than a pastor with people who look towards him (the pastor) for spiritual guidance.  If the pastor falls, then so may the faith of his flock.
Do you have a favorite couple in the group?
Okay, I love Phillip and Shelby.  But out of the three new couples I’ve introduced, Xavier and Charlotte are my favorite couple in this particular novel.  Now my favorite person to write about in this novel was Travis.  Travis is as trifling as they come.  We always want to see the good in people, but sometimes there isn’t any good to be found.  
What is the spiritual takeaway for the novel?
As always I hope my novels provide hope and inspiration.  And in addition to that, from this novel, I want to encourage people to seek God’s guidance as they struggle through the problems in their lives. 
On a personal note you’ve had some changes in your life.  Tell us about that.
Oh my goodness.  Can I say that God is good?  Let me tell you about mustard seed faith.  And let me also tell you to be careful about what you pray to God for because you just might get it.  About six months ago I was thinking about going to graduate school.  I researched graduate schools that were local and schools online.  There were many obstacles to trying to go to school locally, because I work full time and have a child.  Then I looked at some online schools, but they cost a great deal and I didn’t want to take out more student loans.  So after days of trying to figure out how I could make it work, I finally prayed to God and said, “Lord, I want to go to school and I know you can make a way.  You said if I asked You, You would make a way.  I am believing in You to make it possible.”  And I left it at that. 
Two nights later I was online checking my email and saw an advertisement for moms to go to school on a full paid scholarship.  I had to write an essay telling why I wanted to go to school.  In that essay I said I’d just prayed about going to school.  I also said that I believed it was God’s way of making a way for me.  I entered the contest and left it at that. 
A month later a university called me and told me I had a full paid scholarship to their school!  I had to pinch myself.  I knew God would make a way without a shadow of doubt.  But when I got the phone call, I thought I was dreaming.  Now I am in my second quarter of graduate school.   God is good!
What are your upcoming promotion plans?  
I am in the process of setting up book signings.  I am also trying to become as innovative as possible in my promotional plans.   Just today alone I sent out over 250 text messages to the people in my phone asking them to assist me in getting the word out.  I am trying to think outside of the box and use my time and the reader’s time wisely.  I am trying to get a grasp on how the blog tours work and I am sure Rhonda can give me a Blog Tour 101 class.
How can readers contact you?

At my email address  and at my website  I’m also on various social media sites:  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter (look for - BooksByMonique), Shoutlife, and Shelfari.
Thanks again Rhonda and I look forward to reading more about how things turn out with Faith and Jonah in December when your novel Secrets and Lies comes out!  I wish you the very best that God has to offer!
You are most welcome Monique. it was a pleasure having you today and I can't wait to get my book. Visit Monqiue's home page for the juicy excerpt by clicking here. 


Sharon Ball said...

Monique, congratulations on winning a full scholarship! Oh my goodness, what a blessing!!! Your characters all seem so interesting--especially Travis. LOL. Great interview, ladies.

Christian music said...

Wow! Congratulations! I heard of you from one of my office mates and told me that you really is an inspiration to manY!

Anonymous said...

Every book on this blog sounds good. I've never heard of Ms. Miller before the story you did on her this summer and I was going to go back and read her first book, but now this one has me intrigued. Thanks for always sharing the new writers with us.

Kim Hutchinson

Anonymous said...

Oh yes and the scholarship thing. You have increased my faith in the ability for improbable to happen.

Kim Hutchinson