Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New from Kimberla Lawson Roby - A Deek Dark Secret

Kim you are an author who perhaps needs no introduction, but tell readers a little about yourself?
I am a New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels, two novellas and have a 14th book being released on January 19, 2010, entitled BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR. I began my career in 1995 when I wrote my first novel, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and after being rejected by a plethora of literary agents and publishers, I started my own business in 1996 and self-published it. I then went on to sell just over 10,000 copies within the first six months of publication and before that, I signed with an agent and major publishing house for my second novel.

I’m a devoted fan, so I know A Deep Dark Secret is a very different novel for you. Tell us about it and what inspired the story? A DEEP DARK SECRET is a story about 12-year-old Jillian Maxwell who is a straight-A student, who does chores without being told and is basically the model child that any parent would be proud to have. But what no one knows, including her mother, is that she is harboring a devastating secret—what know one knows is that her stepfather, a beloved an upstanding deacon in the church, has been sexually molesting her for five years. I was inspired to write this story because while I didn’t experience exactly what Jillian experiences in the book, I do know full well what it is like to have an adult male touch me inappropriately when I was between the ages of six and eleven. I have also heard far too many similar stories from other women who were kind enough to share their histories with me.

Did you write the story with teenagers or adults in mind as the readers?Both. I wrote it for teenagers who may be current victims of sexual molestation but are afraid to tell and also for the 39 million adult Americans in this country who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

In your estimation or based on the research that you did for the novel, why do you think the secrecy of sexual abuse has so much power? It’s my belief that most children are afraid that no one will believe them if they tell what is happening to them, they sometimes blame themselves, and in many cases their abuser has lied and manipulated them on so many levels that they don’t see any other choice but to live with and deal with this horrible secret all alone.

When I closed A Deep Dark Secret I thought, “This is a very important book”, why is it important for you? It is important because not nearly enough people talk about it, and my hope is that Jillian’s story will bring about much more awareness and conversation, so that victims can finally get the help they need.

You’re writing two books a year now. How difficult is that with promotion?
Yes, this has been very different from when I was writing only one book a year! I don’t really feel that the promotional aspects are difficult, but it is very, very time-consuming. I’ve always been completely hands-on when it comes to marketing my work, but now my efforts have doubled. Interestingly enough, though, the promotion of my novels is something I really do enjoy being involved in daily.

Many authors aspire to make the New York Times Bestseller list, it’s not possible for all, but what are Kim Roby’s key marketing and promotion tools?Communicate with readers online and in person as much as you possibly can twelve months out of every year, build a street address mailing list, an online mailing list, interact and chat with your readers on Facebook regularly as well as on any other social network you might be a member of and do as many public signing and speaking events as you can—locally, regionally and nationally.

If you weren’t an author what would you be? Wow, that’s a good question! I would probably do something in the area of marketing or motivational consulting.

Any plans to tour with this book? What cities might readers find you in?
For A DEEP DARK SECRET, I’ll be visiting Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Schaumburg, IL, Nashville, and Norfolk, VA. Readers can also visit www.kimroby.com for more details and any updates.


anothersexygoregirl1 said...

This was a great blog. My hat goes off to Rhonda McKnight as well as Kimberla Lawson Roby. Sexual abuse among children is running wild in the world. It's time for everyone to stand. Let these young girls and sometimes young boys know that you are here for them. Let them know that they shouldn't be afraid to let someone of the abuse they are enduring.

Much Love,
Yolanda G from Facebook

Angelia... said...

Great Job Rhonda,
I just purchased today, really look forward to reading...


Shelia said...

I'm glad that Ms Lawson is talking about this topic. I am buying a copy of her book for a friend who went through something similiar. She's in her 40s and still hasn't completely got over what happened to her when she was a child.

Kimberla Lawson Roby said...

Thank you so much ladies for reading the interview, buying the book and for your very kind comments. It really is time we talk about this subject so much more than we have been and my prayer is that A DEEP DARK SECRET will raise awareness everywhere and that it will help the millions of children who are struggling with childhood sexual abuse daily as well as the 39 million adults in this country who are survivors of it. Much love and God bless. Kimberla