Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Being Unpublished is Like Being Single

I have permission to repost this entry. It was posted on July 2nd at Booking It with Jessica Nelson. Bookin It is one of the blogs I follow.

Why Being Unpublished is Like Being Single

Remember back in the day when you longed for a man, that one special man, who would fill your nights with warmth and smother you with spine-melting kisses? Remember how you'd see all the married couples and think "Where's my love?"

And you'd look around and realize you were the only single person in the crowd.

The loneliness got to you, drove you into the bookstore where, foggy-eyed and grief-stricken, you stumbled across a book titled (I'm guessing here) BEING HAPPY WHILE SINGLE.

You bought it because it seemed like a good idea at the time. And then suddenly it seems all people want to talk about is how good it is to be single! The wives tell you to be relieved that you can stay up until three in the morning with the lights on. Be glad no one pees on your toilet rim.

This is us, my dear writer friends. :-)

We are the single folks. Yes, there are wonderful, beautiful thrills to being married (published). But there's also hard work, deadlines, interferences, bad reviews, did I mention deadlines?

So while we keep our dreams alive, let's also find contentment and peace in the place we're at now. Which, based on most of your comments, you already do.

Have you ever wanted something, got it, and realized it wasn't quite what you expected?

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Jessica's hard work and committment to achieving her goal is very inspiring. Her blog has daily I love her never give up spirit. Congrats Jessica on being 91% complete!

Click here to see other posts. I highly recommend following her blog and Jessica all the way to a publishing house. :o)


Rhonda McKnight


Jessica said...

Eeek! This is so cool.
Thank you Rhonda!

Sharon Ball said...

Jessisca is so right. As an unpublished writer I can concur completely with her analogy. But, soon and very soon, one day my single status will change. Until then, I'll keep writing the best stories I can.