Thursday, July 09, 2009

Book Review - Worth A Thousand Words by Stacy Hawkins Adamas

Life at a crossroads?

Indigo just graduated from college with honors and has been accepted into grad school in the Fall. She has big dreams and a bright future ahead of her. Her handsome fiancĂ© has dreams of his own; he’s working to be a Navy fighter pilot.

Can they both pursue their personal dreams hundreds of miles apart and still be together? They find the road to fulfilling one’s goals is not always a straight one, even when love should seem to carve a path. Unexpected things happen and decisions have to be made by all the characters.

I enjoyed this book because I think we live in uncertain times. Many of us know people who are wrestling with decisions they never thought they’d have to make about their finances, families and careers, so it’s timely. Stacy Hawkins Adams has done a wonderful job at bringing that reality home. The lessons of hope and faith are not wasted in this beautifully written, inspiring novel.

Like Book 1 in the Jubilant Soul Series, The Someday List, Worth A Thousand Words is an absolute must read. Although readers would love The Someday List, it is not necessary to read it before reading Worth A Thousand Words. Please visit author, Stacy Hawkins Adams at her website
Review by Rhonda McKnight

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