Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Til Debt Do Us Part - Blog Tour Day One

Meet Michelle Larks

Michelle Larks was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She currently resides in a suburb of Chicago. Michelle was educated in the Chicago public school system and attended the University of IL at Chicago Circle Campus. Michelle has been employed in the IT field too many years to mention.

Michelle is married and the mother of two adult daughters. Michelle signed a two book contract with Urban Christian Books in 2006. Her first book, Keeping Misery Company was released in November of 2007 and went on to attain best selling status. Her second book with Urban Christian Books, The Legacies was released in July 2008. Til Debt Do Us Part will be released in July 2009.

Keeping Misery Company is being adapted for the big screen and will be released in June 2010. Michelle is currently working on a manuscript titled Faith.

Life was easy for Nichole Singleton, with a voice like an angel, a job she adores, and a church she has called home since her teens. While Jeffrey, Nichole’s loving husband, has control over the life they are living, Nichole still feels blessed . . . until her gambling “hobby” turns into a personal cross to bear that threatens to destroy her marriage.

Through her trials and tribulations, will Nichole remember to put her trust in God and reaffirm her faith in the Lord, or will she see her marriage and gambling habit as bigger than even the God she serves? Purchase this book at

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Missy said...

I just brought this book and look forward to reading it as soon as it is delivered...

Ty said...

Hey Rhonda,
Thanks for supporting your fellow Urban Christian author this week during the 'Til Debt Do Us Part blog tour. Appreciate it.

Renee Williams said...

I'm reading the book now. Hope to be finished in a couple of days.

Jessica said...

Congrats to Michelle!

I e-mailed you so let me know if you don't get it. Sometimes my addy goes to the spam box. :-)

Michelle Larks said...


Thanks for being a part of my tour. I appreciate it...