Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't Forget the Teens!

While you're out Christmas shopping don't forget to pick up a book for a teen. Most of them have more than two weeks out of school and they'll spend it talking on the phone, sending text messages or worse - watching television. Why not put a book in their stocking that will not not only entertain them, but steer their heart in the direction of Christ.

I featured lots of great teen reads in July, but have to add the release of Victoria Christopher Murray's India from the Divas series. I just finished it tonight. Had me all in some teeny boppers business and up late to boot. Here's a little about it:

While India Morrow is happy her BFFs included her in the Divas, she knows she's not cute like Diamond, cool like Veronique, or smart like Aaliyah. Maybe if she were supermodel-thin, like her mom, she'd stand out in a crowd, but dieting never seems to work for her. The Divas are poised to win the next level of the competition and India is scared she'll let her friends down. With only fifty-eight days to get it all right, her cousin Jill tells her the secret -- how to lose weight while still eating.

The pounds start falling away; India is finally getting lots of attention. If only she didn't feel bad about keeping a secret. She's scared of what her friends, parents, and Pastor Ford would say. What she's doing isn't so wrong, is it? All she wants is to be a star...but will the price be too great for her, body and soul?

If you haven't blessed a teen with the first book one in the series, you'll also want to pick up Diamond. You know those teens read fast!

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