Thursday, October 31, 2013

Melinda Johnson has always felt called to ministry. So, when her father, Bishop Langston Johnson, decides to step down after thirty years of leadership at Omega Christian Center, it seems only natural for her to take his place. But Bishop Johnson feels led by a God who has other things in mind, and to succeed him, he appoints Steven Marks-a man who is opposed to female pastors, not to mention the fact that he is Melinda’s ex-fianci.
Feeling defeated, Melinda nevertheless maintains her position as the church’s Missions and Community Outreach Director. Frequent interaction with the new bishop incites bitter sparring-and rekindles long-suppressed attraction, which grows only stronger when Melinda develops a relationship with Steven’s precious daughter, Brianna, who’s still struggling with the death of her mother.
Can Steven and Melinda set aside past pains, forgive each other, and learn to love again? Or will their opposing positions regarding women preachers keep them forever at odds?

My Review - 
A broken engagement, a grieving little girl, a bitter difference of opinion...

I have to admit that I have never really considered the plight of the female preacher on the male dominated preaching circuit, so the plot of this story gave me pause and in the end taught me some things. Mainly, "It's a man's world" and it really is a struggle for the women to get in, even in the house of our Lord.

I was impressed with this story, moved by it and as I've said educated by it. Miller's writing style and voice captured me from the first page and kept me up until two a.m. finishing the last. I admit that Melinda's character worked my nerves for a while. I couldn't see why she was being so stubborn about the broken engagement from Steven when it seemed to me it was a joint decision, but the author took me there, the explanation of the depth of that broken promise and all the preceded and followed it was pure story telling mastery. I love when an author ties it all together. Every little piece. Miller did that and so much more. I actually cried.

I recommend Yesterday's Promise to anyone looking for a good read. I can hardly wait till the next book in this series is released.
Currently .99 on Amazon. Great deal for this great book. 

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