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Quiet As It's Kept by Monique Miller

About the Book

In Quiet As It’s Kept, Will Tracy has been praying about and patiently waiting for the perfect woman and wife. He’s found her in Morgan. She has a beautiful body, no children, and best of all, she’s saved. Will couldn’t have asked for a better blessing—or so he thinks, until he starts noticing an abundance of unexplainable accidents that all seem to center around him. After one near-fatal accident, Will realizes that when it comes to his wife, Morgan, things are not always as they appear.

Morgan Tracy is living the life she’s always wanted. She’s found a handsome man who makes six figures and is kind, loving, and faithful. What woman could ask for more? Well, Morgan can.

Will starts to wonder if the good thing he has was really sent by God, or if the devil had a hand in putting their union together.

Book Review

Quiet As It’s Kept by Monique Miller is an exceptionally well written book. It touches on a taboo topic that is often over looked and under reported. Monique Miller did a wonderful job keeping the reader turning the pages.

Will Tracy and his wife Morgan appears to be a typical family who has hit a rough patch. With the downsizing of his job and a new baby to take care of Will steps up and do what he has to do by taking care of the household and the baby until he is able to find a new job. Will is a praying man and believes that God will provide what his family needs to survive. There is nothing that Will would not do for his son. Things start to get complicated when several ‘accidents’ start happing and Will must decide who he can trust.

Monique Miller wrote this story from a male’s perspective giving the readers an insight on what goes through a man’s mind when there is abuse involved in a relationship. If you were in an abusive situation would you know what to do? Could you recognize psychological or mental abuse? This is a must read for all, males and females.

I thoroughly enjoyed Quiet As It’s Kept and will recommend it to all my friends. This book was a true page turner. I found myself talking back to the characters of the book telling them what to do and what not to do. I can’t wait to see what Monique Miller writes next.

Reviewed by Janette Malcolm for Urban Christian Fiction Today
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Quiet As It's Kept was released July 2011 and can be purchased wherever fine books are sold and at Amazon.

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sonyalynae said...

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a book. Hopefully someone can help me. The book had a character in it named Indigo who was a photographer and was engaged to a guy who had a shameful homosexual experience in his past. Anybody know what its called?

Also, there's another novel about a couple who couldn't be together anymore for some reason so they went there seperate ways. They married other people and eventually the womans husband died. make a long story short, years later the couple ended up marrying afterall. They had this family tradition where they physically swore on a bible to love one another and recorded their names in the bible. Do either of these sound familiar? All I know is that both books r within the urban christian fiction bookline (with the church symbol)